Threat Assessment: IT-0 Interrogator Droid

There are plenty of threats out there in the galaxy, and any one of them could be the last thing to cross your hero’s path if you’re not careful.

SW IT-O Interrogator

IT-0 Series Interrogation Droid (Rival)
: Star Wars: Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion Beta

Brawn 1
Agility 2
Intellect 3
Cunning 3
Willpower 2
Presence 1

Coercion 3, Cool 2, Perception 2, Knowledge (Xenology) 1, Medicine 2

Adversary, Intimidating

Soak/Defense: 2/0
Wound Threshold: 11
Abilities: Droid (does not need to breathe, eat, or drink, and can survive in vacuum or underwater, immune to poisons or toxins.)
Special: Hovering (see “Flying” sidebar on page 202 of the EotE Core Rulebook)
Equipment: Hold-out blaster (Ranged [Light]; Damage 5; Crit 4; Range [Short]; built-in, stun setting), electroshock probe (Melee; Damage 3; Crit n/a; Range [Engaged]; built-in, ion), audio/video recorder (built-in), emergency medpac, integrated comlink
Cost/Rarity: 10,000 credits/5(R)

Background: There are perhaps few droid models outside of dedicated assassin droids that can inspire as much fear and dread during the reign of the Galactic Empire as the IT-0 Interrogator Droid.  While a cursory glance it might appear as little more than a shiny black floating globe, the IT-0 is just as much an instrument of terror as the mighty Imperial-class Star Destroyer or even the planet-shattering Death Star.  Bristling with instruments of torture, the IT-0 is the product of a joint venture between the Imperial Security Bureau and Imperial Military R&D, with the end result being a droid that causes dread in even the most hardened scoundrels and Rebel agents alike.  The interrogator droid has such a fearsome reputation that smaller Imperial outposts have been known to use an IT-0 to guard the detention block, trusting on the prisoners’ fear of facing the droid outside of the controlled environment of an interrogation to keep them from attempting to escape.

In spite of their efforts to keep the IT-0 Interrogator primarily “in house,” the ISB has been forced to supply interrogator droids to high-ranking Imperial officials, including Darth Vador, who made use of the droid in his attempts to convince Princess Leia to reveal the location of the Rebel Alliance’s hidden base prior to the Battle of Yavin.

Design Notes: This was an interesting droid to work on.  For the most part, I seen an interrogation as being an extended series of Coercion checks, inflicting Strain on the victim until they crack, and so didn’t see the need to give the IT-0 too many extra rules bits to reflect how it goes about conducting an interrogation.  Just remember that while there might not be any lasting damage under most circumstances, the IT-0 is not exactly known for its tender mercies either.

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