Highly Specialized- Fringer

Today we’re going to take a look at the Explorer: Fringer specialization

The RP’s

You’ve seen some things, man. Living on the edge of the empire has honed your survival instincts and made you ready for anything. You may journey into the unknown but not without a breadth of knowledge and experience to aid you. When trouble comes knocking, as it always does, you can handle it; mainly by knowing when its time to get out of Dodge.

The Fringer is often a loner but not always. They aren’t the type to settle down as they aren’t the kind of person who likes to stay in one place for too long. But that doesn’t mean they have to be anti-social. Some Fringers are even the opposite of a loner, always looking to journey out and make new friends in a new place.

What drives a Fringer? Wanderlust or curiosity is a pretty common component; the desire to see new things and an antsy feeling stuck in one place. While most Fringers appear quite fearless, journeying into the unknown and surviving long odds, some are actually driven to wander out of a sense of fear. A fear of having to face the past or of returning home.


123px-Rodian_Fringer_ExplorerThe Fringer talent tree is an interesting collection. Like many of the trees, the talents are divided into two flavors. Unlike some others, the two flavors are very different from each other and there are actually three distinct paths. There is very little cross over between the talents, if you want all of the top tier talents it’s going to require getting almost the entire tree.

The first grouping of talents revolve around making the Fringer better at surviving whatever is thrown against him. There are several instance of Grit and Toughened to help improve your Strain and Wound threshold, along with several Rapid Recoveries allowing you to recover that strain more quickly. Durable is also thrown in making those pesky critical hits less painful.

Jump Up and Dodge help to give the Fringer a chance to avoid damage and to get moving quickly. Most Fringers aren’t really much in the way of fighters as there are no talents that are really useful for harming your enemy. The only offensive talent, Knockdown, is really more defensive, as knocking down an opponent is a great precursor to running from them.

Separate from these defensive talents are the Astrogation branch. These five talents revolve around making you the best damn astrogator and pilot in the galaxy. If you’re playing with a GM that generally just handwaves most travel, these could be pointless talents. But in a real exploration campaign where an Astrogation check really matter, these can come in handy.

Additionally, the Skilled Jockey talent is just about the most useful talent that allows you to remove a setback die from checks. Setback die crop up randomly with all checks but if you’re piloting a big freighter with some negative handling, you’re facing setback die on every single roll.

Goes Well With…

Depending on the flavor of your Fringer, mixing into the Smuggler: Pilot can make you unstoppable when in a cockpit. While some combat bonuses from the Hired Gun specializations might be useful, they don’t generally mesh with the RP theme of a Fringer.

The other two Explorer specializations make good additions depending on your background. Living on the Fringe still requires you to make a living, and Trader can certainly help. Being a Scout also perfectly fits the theme of a wanderlust fringer as well.

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