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Our next peak into the Specializations in FFG’s Star Wars RPG is the Colonist career’s Doctor.

The RP’s

A mainstay of any RPG, the Healer archetype has a unique flavor in Star Wars. On screen, most medical care is provided by droids; Luke and Leia are delivered by a droid, Luke’s hand is repaired by a droid, and Luke is cared for after freezing on Hoth by a droid.  All of that doesn’t mean you have to play a droid but it does make for an interesting personality.

21bIn one of my games, the PC’s picked up a 21-B droid to help make up for the fact none of them had any healing skills. Unfortunately, the droid had a bit of creepy side. Admonishing the PC’s for their failure to protect their fragile bodies, the droid would spout off creepy medical facts; ala River Tam, “The human body can be drained of blood in 8.6 seconds given adequate vacuuming systems.” While also showing a touch of HK-47′s disdain for lifeforms.

A biological doctor would likely also be affected by this widespread use of droids. Perhaps regulated to second class status due to their capacity for “human error,” a biological doctor might hold contempt for all droids and be a little over eager to prove how good they are. As we’ll see in the mechanical section, the talents themselves led to two types of doctors eager to prove themselves; one that has no compunction about using drugs to enhance his party, and one that has no problem using her medical knowledge to cause her enemies pain.


The Doctor talent tree is slightly less dichotomous than the Gadgeteer tree but does suggest two distinct flavors with its talents and path. The first, is a more traditional RPG healer. Various skills offer increased healing ability (Surgeon, Bacta Specialist, Master Doctor) and others give you the ability to provide buffs to the party (Stim Application and Improved Stim Application).

The other line lends itself more to the kind of doctor that knows how to use their expert medical knowledge to bring you down quickly… and alive. Anatomy Lesson and Pressure Point (ie Vulcan Neck Pinch) allow you to do solid strain damage to an opponent. The ability for Pressure Point to ignore soak can make it fairly easy for a doctor with good Brawl, Medical, and Intellect to pull off a Spock like move and walk up behind a guy to drop them with one squeeze of his hand.

Additionally, the tree it liberally strewn with talents that improve your own Strain and reduce the amount of strain damage you take (Resolve, Grit). These are especially useful for a doctor healer or melee fighting doctor as you will frequently need to suffer strain to gain an extra maneuver to get in range of a target; whether healing or harming.

Goes Well With…

Unlike the Bounty Hunter, the other two Colonist specializations aren’t quite as good a match for a Doctor. While certainly feasible if you’re going the pure non-combatant route and want to be a healer, scholar, or negotiator, they really have their own unique RP flavor to them.

The Marauder specialization from Hired Gun could be a good mix for someone wanting to be a great melee fighter. Also, the Bounty Hunter: Survivalist or Fringer: Scout work well if your RPing as a doctor living on the edges of society, away from those damn droids.


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