Heroes on Demand: Mariana Jast, Outlaw Tech

Welcome back to Heroes on Demand, a much more dependable place to find ready-to-play characters for various RPG systems than that cantina with too many bounty hunters at the bar and blaster burns on the walls. To be well-known as a criminal is not exactly a good thing, at least according to most of the shady movers and shakers on the Outer Rim. All well and good to be famous, but only until your fame helps the Imperials or the bounty hunters find you. And yet there are those who revel in making a name for themselves, confident they can slip through the fingers of their pursuers with a quick ship and a quicker finger on the trigger or data breaker.

Mariana Jast, Outlaw Tech

Game: Star Wars: Edge of the Empire


FemslicerSpecies: Human

Career: Technician

Specialization: Slicer

Obligation: Bounty (15)

Motivation: Status


Brawn 2

Agility 3

Intellect 3

Cunning 2

Willpower 2

Presence 2


Piloting (Space) 1. Ranged (Light) 1, Computers 2, Mechanics 1, Piloting (Planetary) 1, Discipline 1, Stealth 1, Knowledge (Outer Rim) 1, Knowledge (Underworld) 1, Knowledge (Education) 1 Perception 1, Astrogation 1


Codebreaker, Grit, Technical Aptitude, Bypass Security

Soak/Defense: 3/0

Wound Threshold: 12

Strain Threshold: 13

Equipment: Blaster Pistol (Ranged [Light], Damage 6, Crit 3, Range Medium, Stun Setting), Heavy Clothing, Data Breaker, Utility Belt, Backpack, Tool Kit, Datapad, Comlink (handheld), General Purpose Scanner, Chance Cubes, 524 Credits

Background: Fame and fortune called to Mariana from an early age, and even when she became aware of the potential consequences of both she continued her quest to acquire them. Legal methods didn’t satisfy her, even with her skill with technology, and so she soon turned to crime as a way to achieve her goals. A few digital bank robberies and a hastily bought ticket off-world later, and Jast’s path to fame began.

For quite a while Mariana had worked as a solo act, either as her own boss or as a slicer-for-hire, racking up big scores and an increase in the price on her head with each one. She’s grown increasingly comfortable and capable on the edge of society and profited thereby, but has become more than a little irritated by having to slice with one hand and trade blaster fire with the other on the last few heists. As a result she’s decided it’s high time she signed up with a few more fringers like herself. They’ll get to benefit from her genius and regale cantina-goers with first-hand tales of her exploits, and she’ll get someone to keep the bounty hunters off of her back. It’s another flawless plan in a long series of them, as far as Mariana is concerned.

Design Notes: If you’ve ever had a GM congratulate you ‘on being the most well-known (insert criminal enterprise here)’ and then realized why that’s a bad thing, then you’ve got the basis of Mariana’s goals and lifestyle. ‘Bring on the bounty hunters’, she’d say. Every one beaten or outwitted merely adds to the slicer’s growing legend.

Mariana’s a study in the rewards and risks of taking extra Obligation at character creation, specifically the kind that gets you extra credits to spend. She’s well-equipped and wealthy by new character standards, implying to the casual observer that she’s already had success in her trade, but her pre-campaign antics have also already earned her a substantial Bounty for her head. Among those is simply owning a Data Breaker, a restricted item that requires GM permission for new characters to have. Having such a tool reinforces both the cause of her success and the reason she is a wanted sentient.

Mariana ends up as a rather well-rounded character stat and skill-wise, in addition to her gear. She can slice computers, make repairs, shoot her way out of trouble, be her own getaway pilot in atmosphere or off-world, and knows her way around the Empire’s edge. In many ways she might seem self-sufficient, maybe capable of pulling off more than a few heists on her own if she’s smart. Yet when the pressure’s on and the bounty hunters are cutting through the hull of your ship, it pays to have a solid crew at your back.

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