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A long time ago in Kenmore, New York…

smalllogoThe Edge of the Empire Core Book was slated for a summer release, and I had a loose outline of how several old Darkstryder modules could be altered and merged with original plotlines to create a short Edge of the Empire campaign.  Knowing there were only a handful of modules, plus GM Chris’s Enemy of My Enemy campaign, I saw an opportunity to provide the Gamer Nation and our new friends at the Fantasy Flight Games forums with a complete playable campaign only weeks after the Core release.

I sent an e-mail message to Fiddleback, asking if he would be so bold as to edit not just my blog posts, but a full campaign. Little did I know, at that time, that he was in the process of becoming an official Fantasy Flight Games freelance editor. Fiddleback thought my project was overly ambitious– foolishly, he did not refuse. We embarked on a summer-long quest of editing, artwork and playtesting.

Though it was trying, and summer passed me by while I sat tapping at my keyboard, this was an amazingly educational journey. I got a firsthand grip on game production, and a deeper understanding of how that does not happen in a vacuum.

There is the patient editor providing gentle guidance– Thank you Fiddleback.

There are the flaky freelancers who decide not to provide content, but instead drop everything and move to Boston. There are the heroic freelancers who step in at the last moment and accept impossible tasks, completing them with style and grace– Thanks Linda and Ryan.

Then there’s the brain trust of system experts who, like Han Solo, can smack the side of a quirky new rule so that it snaps into place and the entire module lights up like the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit– Thank you Dono and Ben.

Finally, there are those playtesters who give up their precious time to log on to Skype or drive to the FLGS to take my prototype out for a spin and then return the prototype dented, scratched and spewing smoke, showing me where my design needs alteration. Thank you Philippe Boujon, Andrew Smith, Jonathan Stevens, Doran Ylitalo, John Perkowski, Ruben Rivera and Paul Mercer.

In the end, I have about a hundred pages of gorgeous artwork and layout, a cool story, and a fond hope that those pages find their way to a gaming table somewhere in the world, where beer and pretzels are consumed, everyday troubles are forgotten, and friends bond over Star Wars.

What a wonderful summer. Thank you, Gamer Nation.

The materials for The Two Arenas: Pitann Piledriver may be downloaded here.

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