Heroes on Demand: Teeku, Rodian Outlaw

Welcome yet again to Heroes on Demand, your reliable source for ready-made and ready-to-play entry-level characters for a number of RPGs.  In a previous installment, we took a look at a Rodian that enthusiastically embraced the virtues of his native culture, so this time around I thought I’d introduce a Rodian that isn’t all about hunting bounties or engaging in violence for violence’s sake.  Instead, this particularly Rodian would have been quite content to live the life of a simple ranch hand had circumstances not conspired to push him along a different path.  So get ready to put the ruins of the old homestead behind you as we trek out into the stars on a quest for vengeance alongside…


“The Empire shoulda just left well enough alone. Now, they’re gonna pay fer what they did to me and mine.”

Teeku, Rodian Outlaw
: Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Species: Rodian
Career: Explorer
Specialization: Fringer
Obligation: Criminal
Motivation: Revenge (Ambition)

Brawn 3
Agility 3
Intellect 2
Cunning 2
Willpower 2
Presence 2

Coercion 1, Cool 1, Coordination 1, Perception 1, Ranged (Heavy) 1, Streetwise 1, Survival 2, Vigilance 1

Expert Tracker, Rapid Recovery, Street Smarts, Toughened

Soak/Defense: 4/0
Wound Threshold: 15
Strain Threshold: 12
Equipment: Slugthrower rifle (Ranged [Heavy], Damage 7, Crit 4, Range Medium, Cumbersome 2), heavy knife (Melee, Damage 4, Crit 3, Range Engaged) heavy clothing, comlink, 2 stimpacks, utility belt, 65 credits

Background: Teeku’s a bit odd for a Rodian, at least where the galaxy’s common perceptions of his species come into play.  For starters, he’s never actually seen Rodia or even been within spitting distance of it.  He’s also not a big believer in hunting or violence, except only when it’s necessary to provide for or to protect one’s family.  Teeku does know that his great-grandfather had to leave Rodia due to a dispute having to do with the Rodian clans, but not much more than that; for most of his life, he considered it old history that was best left buried in the past.  After all, past fueds weren’t going to bring in the crops or conjure up the credits needed to feed the livestock.  For the most part, Teeku was pretty content with his simple life, hoping to settle down with the pretty Rodian girl who lived several farmsteads away, raising a family of his own and one day inheriting the farm from his father.  They were far away from the Core Worlds and the prejudices of the Empire; as long as the taxes were paid on time, the Empire was the least of his worries.

That all changed when word started to spread that some of the farmers were donating a portion of their produce to the Rebel Alliance.  The Imperial governor cracked down on the entire community with all the ferocity and savagery the Empire was known for, and by the end of the day, the number of survivors could be counted on a single hand; Teeku was the only Rodian to still be breathing, and that was only because he’d been out helping tend some of the nerf herds for one of the neighboring ranches.  It was perfectly clear just how bad things really were with the Empire in charge; this sort of atrocity would never have occurred under the leadership of the Old Republic.  Considered a good shot and a capable survivalist, Teeku took up his father’s old slugthrower rifle, scrounged up what supplies he could, and set out into the galaxy.  If the Empire wanted to pick a fight with suspected Rebels, then Teeku would give them a fight.  To him, it’s vaguely ironic that in trying to squash Rebel sympathies, the only thing the Empire did was convince the survivors to embrace the Alliance’s goal of toppling the Empire.

Design Notes: Teeku owes a part of his origin to the Outlaw template from the West End Games’ D6 Star Wars system, that of a hardened loner looking to score some payback before the Empire catches up to him.  It’s safe to say that he’s caused a few problems for the Empire since becoming an outlaw, but how drastic those actions were depends on the GM.  Interestingly enough, I was able to fit enough things into this build without having to take any additional Obligation, particularly in terms of his starting equipment.

In spite of the Explorer not really being a “combat career,” I’d say Teeku is pretty handy to have in a fight.  He’s a capable shot with his rifle, and no slouch in melee either thanks to his Brawn.  He really excels at tracking and surviving away from civilization thanks to his Rodian heritage.  He’s also got a decent Willpower score for a Rodian, which is helpful for when he needs to get stern with someone or trouble’s about to erupt.  It might be interesting to have Teeku branch out into a more combat-centric specialization such as Mercenary Soldier or Assassin; with time and some luck, he could become a rather deadly commando or sniper.

His Motivation isn’t one that’s listed in the core rulebook, but it makes sense given Teeku’s backstory; everything he’d initially wanted out of life was taken away by the Empire, so the only thing he’s got left is making the Empire pay for it.  Just how bloody and vicious he’ll get will depend on the person playing Teeku, but since he’s quite capable with that rifle of his, it’s probably safe to figure that there are going to be a few Imperial uniforms stained with blood by the time he’s through.

Image is concept art from the Jedi Power Battles video game

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