Bad Motivator: Cause – Droid Rights

What drives you? Everyone is motivated by something; desire for riches, a quest for inner peace, basic survival. Much like real life, your RPG character is also motivated by something to be out there living life on the edge, instead of sitting behind a desk in some cushy office job…

They care for us. They heal our wounds. They clean our messes. They translate our messages. Where would we be without droids? Yet we treat them like lifeless automatons.

Our grand hero, the Arkanian Niera, feels a fondness for droid kind. That’s one reason she’s devoted her life to fighting for droid rights. Treat a droid like crap while she’s around and you’ll hear a mouthful from her. That’s probably the only time you’ll hear a word from her though, as she doesn’t like talking to “biologicals”.

ScrapdroidWhere most of the other players treat droids like the scenery they are, Niera makes a point of treating any droid they meet kindly. When a protocol droid takes the group into the crime lords lair, she’ll talk to him. Sometimes this will yield some beneficial results as protocol droids have access to all kinds of good dirt.

Unfortunately, Niera really gets into her motivation. When the group goes before the powerful crime lord, many of them are disturbed by the Twi’lek slave girl dancing. But Niera is more upset by the dozens of droids with restraining bolts attached. After the inevitable “falling out” with the crime boss occurs, the groups hasty retreat might be delayed when Niera takes a few extra moments to remove some restraining bolts.

All of these opportunities for Niera to satisfy her motivations wouldn’t be possible without a good GM. Droids are a common enough piece of scenery in Star Wars. What GM hasn’t described a busy starport with droids zipping about everywhere? But how often do you have a player ready to decry the unfair labor practices of droid workers?

Niera’s GM is ready though. He’s got a little piece of info prepared for a droid Niera might try to speak too. Most times, the droid comes across as, well, a droid. They aren’t all like Artoo. Most are happy to do their work and have had so many memory wipes the very idea of liberation does not compute.

But every so often, he’ll throw in a droid with a bit of personality. A shop owner yells cruel insults at her droid. Or a broken down droid is seen being discarded into a pile of trash; while still turned on. At some point, he’ll even offer the PC’s a job to break into a major droid manufacturing plant.

A cause can be a motivation that drives an entire campaign, such as a belief in fighting the Empire, or can it just govern how a PC interacts with others. Playing to your motivation is a great way to fuel some great RP, and earn some bonus XP.

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