Touring the Rim: Cartol’s Emporium of Useful Things™

“Lads, let me tell you about this one time on Tholatin, Esau’s Ridge, yeah you know the place; you see there was this crew of fugitives, new kids, trying to get by doing odd jobs for Burukut, not a clever move… now I didn’t want that no-good Bothan and his lackeys settling down there… few of us did, then this group of misfits comes crashing in, talking big and waving blasters around, then they managed to score big on some salvage-run… and the results? The security droids you see here amongst others. I left Tholatin shortly after they disappeared on Rodia while being hunted by Burukut’s goons, bought the Emporium and set up shop here. The rest, as they say, is history. Now, let’s see what we can do about that “have-no-ship” condition of yours…”

Kinda like this. Just imagine a large docking ring around the mid-section.

What is it, and what’s on offer?

Cartol’s Emporium is a heavily modified Nebulon-B frigate travelling the outer rim, serving as a stopping point for exhausted adventurers it provides you with a marketplace, maintenance of your gear and starship, and of course entertainment. The Emporium is run by a Quarren named Cartol and his Gand apprentice Joonaz, they have reconfigured a large portion of the ship into a hangar bay from where they sell used starships. Additionally they provide any and all types of gear and equipment they can find and salvage. In addition to this the Emporium also offers entertainment in the form of a casino at the Clear as Mud cantina run by a grumpy ale-brewing and ale-loving Wookiee named Groomaw, additionally accommodations are offered for a reasonable price at Uylu’s (no room-service or extras) and for much more at the expensive full-service Vio-car’s. For sentients seeking mysterious artefacts and particular items not readily available, Tin-tic and Pon-din’s offers a selection of wares only offered to those who know what they seek – these two blue and yellow robed Jawas speak eloquent and fluent basic. For traders and salvage crews the Trader’s Commons is a marketplace and bazaar in one of the larger and re-purposed cargo bays where anyone can buy and sell their own wares, Joonaz provides stalls and logistical organisation of this chaotic area — Cartol takes only a small percentage of the profit.

While Cartol’s Emporium can seem like a black marketeers wet dream, and granted a lot of restricted items can be found for sale, slave trade is not allowed. Drugs are not appreciated aboard the frigate proper either, but the low-gravity area Ringside — the docking wheel attached to the Emporium — is the ideal location for drug dealings and black market trades. It’s also here that maintenance and smaller modifications are performed on visiting ships.

The Emporium is larger than your average Nebulon-B due to Ringside, the large docking ring attached to the mid-section through four spokes/tubes through which both small elevators and stairs can take you to and from the frigate and your own docked ship. The main docking bay on the Emporium has been modified extensively to fit the starships that Cartol sells and repairs – it is much larger than on a stock frigate, but it services only Cartol’s most important guests and friends, everyone else docks on Ringside. The shields are still military grade, but few of the weapons remain – the Emporium will escape any attacks by pirates or law enforcement, it will never stay and fight.

The Law, within and out there.

Cartol’s Emporium cannot be considered a proper Shadowport as it’s registered as a merchant vessel in Cartol’s name. So far the Empire has not inspected it, two reasons seems reasonable: 1) the Emporium hasn’t been around for long and 2) it moves around a lot and stays away from the largest systems and most trafficked space lanes, so imperial customs haven’t had the chance to inspect. Because of this the vessel is not considered a safe haven for all types yet, but it has become renowned for having a good selection of wares and good on-ship security, therefore many merchants, smugglers and sentients with curiosity for the oddities of the outer rim come and go, visiting for the sight or for wares. Some have even set up shop, more or less permanently.

Aboard the Emporium the law, or rules, are simple: whatever Cartol says goes, goes, whatever he says is a no-go, is a no-go. These rules are upheld by the long time residents, in particular Joonaz and the small army of battle droids Cartol has bought, collected and repaired over the years. These have also received some upgrades in armaments, armour and skill, but are still controlled (mostly) by a DCU hidden somewhere aboard the frigate.


Cartol’s Emporium of Useful Things™ is soon coming to a hyperspace jump-point near you: it’s big, it’s ugly, and it’s full of shinies. More info on prices, goods and facilities to follow.

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