Heroes on Demand: Theresa Bannon, Engel Pilot

Welcome once more to Heroes on Demand, your ongoing source for ready-made and ready-to-play characters for a number of different RPGs.  As discussed in my review of the CthulhuTech RPG, one of the more notable anime series that the designers of said game drew from was Neon Genesis Envangelion, a series by Studio Gainax that had a tremendous impact on the giant mecha genre of anime.  While things may not be quite as bleak for humanity in the Strange Aeon, there’s still the matter of a war for the survival of the human race against monsters of both an alien and supernatural bent.  In order to fight these threats, the New Earth Government has unleashed a new breed of mecha, a synthesis of technology and living tissue known as Engels.  Though few in number, the Engels have turned the tide of more than one conflict, and those selected to pilot an Engel are a rare breed.  Join us as we introduce one of those brave souls, having chosen to bond with one of these inhuman cybernetic war machines to fight the enemies of humanity head on…

MyStyle - Engel Pilot

She might be cute, but she’s no slouch in the cockpit.

Theresa Bannon
: CthulhuTech

Profession: Engel Pilot
Race: Human
Allegiance: New Earth Government
Callsign: Banshee
Virtue: Enthusiastic
Flaw: Competitive

Agility 8, Intellect 5, Perception 7, Presence 6, Strength 4, Tenacity 7

Secondary Attributes
Actions 2, Movement 13 mph (32/8), Reflex 7, Orgone 11, Vitality 11

General Skills: Athletics: Student, Hobby (Cooking): Student, Language (English): Expert, Literacy: Novice, Observation: Novice, Persuade: Student, Pilot (Engel/Mecha Flight, Personal Hovercraft, Wheeled Vehicles): Adept, Regional Knowledge (Seattle, North America): Novice, Seduction: Student (Focus: One-Night Stand), Survival: Student, Surveillance: Student
Combat Skills: Armed Fighting: Novice (Focus: Engle Close Quarter Weapons), Dodge: Adept, Fighting: Novice, Marksman: Adept, Support Weapons: Novice

Assets: Alluring (1), Authority (2), Commendation (1), Fast, Sexy Voice (1)
Drawbacks: Big Ego (1), Duty (3), Engel Synthesis Interface

Notable Possessions: Personal sidearm (CS-40 Defender) with three clips of ammo, belt holster, PCPU with basic peripherals, civilian clothing, dress uniform, pilot uniform, Malach-class Engel

Background: Theresa will be the first to admit to being a military brat, seeing as how both sides of her family tree have plenty of soldiers who served in numerous capacities throughout Earth’s military history.  But she’s probably got them all beat in terms of the sheer danger involved with her current deployment, seeing as how she volunteered for piloting duties as part of the NEG’s Engel Program.  Just the training program was tough, with over half of the class having washed out by the end, but Theresa was determined to prove that she was a lot more than just a pretty face.


An instrument of destruction, and possibly the last thing you’ll ever see…

In the six months since earning her pilot’s stripes, Theresa has seen more combat than most enlisted grunts do in three years.  The stress factor is astounding, but unlike most soldiers, Theresa absolutely loves the adrenaline high that only comes with being on the front-line and fighting for your very life, her unbridled zest for life pushing the young woman to give 110%; her callsign is an ironic one given her dulcet tones and tendency to vocalize her enthusiasm in combat and disdain for her opponents over her Engel’s loudspeakers.  Theresa freely admits to being of the “live it up while you can” mentality, and has little shame in regards to her sordid recreational history during her rare off-duty hours.  To the surprise of some, she’s also a pretty capable cook, showing a willingness to experiment with all sorts of combinations that would make a Nazzadi proud.  Theresa claims that some of her fondest memories from childhood was helping her grandmother in the kitchen, and that since “variety is the spice of life,” she’s going to have as much variety in her culinary palate as she can manage.

Design Notes: Theresa is a pretty standard mecha pilot, though focused a bit more on Engel piloting than other types of vehicles.  She’s also got a bit of social acumen, though it’s far from being her strong point.  I chose a Malach-class Engel as that’s noted as being the closest to a “baseline” model, though this could easily be swapped for a different Engel; I seriously considered giving her a Seraph at one point.  Either way, she’s in control of a very deadly war machine and she’s got the skill set to make good use of it.

Given the way the rules for mecha combat work in CthulhuTech, Theresa’s also pretty capable when she’s not in the cockpit of her bonded Engel, being a talented shooter and pretty good in close-quarters fighting as well, though her low Strength isn’t doing her any favors in terms of melee damage.

Obviously she’s best suited for a military mecha campaign, either as part of an all-Engel squad or as the big gun of a more traditional group of mecha.  Her Authority asset makes Theresa a high-ranking enlisted officer in either the Army or Navy branches of the NEG Armed Forces, and she could very well end up being squad leader depending on the rest of the squad members.

Image created using Sci-Fi Geek Dress-Up game by Rinmaru Games.

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