Heroes on Demand: Zubesh, Apprentice Gand Findsman

Welcome once more fellow gamers to Heroes on Demand, your ongoing weekly source of ready-to-play player characters for a growing variety of RPGs.  This week finds us traveling to the Edge of the Empire courtesy of Fantasy Flight Games.  While the fire of the Jedi Order has been all but snuffed out by the time the Rebel Alliance is formed, that doesn’t mean that the various other Force traditions in the galaxy have suffered similar fates under the harsh regime of the Emperor.  In fact, some traditions even manage to flourish, some even going so far as to embrace the labels of “silly superstitions” and “sorcerer’s ways” in order to avoid unnecessary Imperial attention.  Of those, the Gand Findsman have managed to flourish, maintaining their long history as bounty hunters and the air of mystery that surrounds their practices.  So join us as we peer into the mists to seek out the quarry as we introduce…

"You stepped over the line. Now you must deal with Zubesh."

“You stepped over the line. Now you must deal with Zubesh.”

Zubesh, Apprentice Findsman
: Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beta

Species: Gand (w/ lungs)
Career: Bounty Hunter
Specialization: Survivalist, Force-Sensitive Exile
Obligation: Bounty (+5 to starting value)
Motivation: Mentor

Brawn 3
Agility 3
Intellect 2
Cunning 2
Willpower 3
Presence 1

Discipline 1, Perception 1, Streetwise 1, Survival 1, Vigilance 1, Ranged (Heavy) 1, Knowledge: Lore 1

Expert Tracker, Force Rating 1, Stalker, Uncanny Senses, Uncanny Reactions

Force Power Sense (sense all living things within short range or sense emotional state of one engaged target)

Soak/Defense: 4/0
Wound Threshold: 13
Strain Threshold: 13
Equipment: Blaster carbine (Ranged [Heavy], Damage 9, Crit 3, Range Medium, stun setting, forearm grip), brass knuckles, 3 frag grenades, heavy robes (+1 Soak), ammonia respirator, comlink, extra reloads, 3 stimpacks, weapon harness (as backpack), 50 credits

Background: For as long as he can recall, Zubesh had wanted to join the Findsman, having heard many stories of their exploits as he grew up.  It was truly a day to be proud of when an elder Findsman accepted the young Gand as an apprentice, inducting the youth in the illustrious ranks of those he most admired.  It took many years and much work before Zubesh was deemed ready by his mentor to venture out into the galaxy on his own, and Zubesh is determined to prove his mentor’s faith in his apprentice was not unfounded.

Design Notes: A lot of folks questioned the inclusion of the Gand as one of the core species in Edge of the Empire, and I’ll freely admit I was one of them.  After all, why the Gand instead of the Duros or even Zabraks?  But, in retrospect, the Gand made for an interesting choice, and with their peculiar society can make for an interesting role-playing experience.

Now I’d already done a Heroes on Demand entry for EotE featuring a Force-user, a Kirry Blenn, with her being a somewhat typical example of a Force-Sensitive Exile as envisioned by FFG and discussed in their preview article Hokey Religions and Ancient Weapons.  However,the fact remains that the EU has presented the fandom with a number of different Force-using traditions, including the Gand’s very own Findsman, a group of Force-sensitive bounty hunters that use ritualized versions of farseeing to locate their quarry, with Zuckuss being the most well-known example.

Being a Force-sensitive in Edge of the Empire is expensive, costing at least 30 of a character’s starting XP budget just to purchase the Force-Sensitive Exile specialization and a single Force Power.  So trying to build a character that’s an effective Force-user but can do stuff beyond being a Force-user is tricky.  Zubesh has the skills and characteristics to be an effective bounty hunter, but he’s not a great one… at least not yet.  On the surface his Sense power is pretty limited, but as FFG’s preview of the power demonstrated, it can become rather potent if one is willing to spend the XP to purchase the various upgrades.  But even the basic power is handy, since it will immediately alert Zubesh to the presence of living things, even if he can’t see them, and can give him some insight into what a person is thinking during an extended interrogation.   That he can also hold his own in a fight is an added plus for any bounty hunter.

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