Obligometer- Criminal

We all have obligations. To family, friends, work or even just ourselves. Big or small, we all owe someone something, even if that someone is ourselves or our own desires. Obligation is a part of life.

While enjoying a nice stroll down a sunny street, Imin Nocent and his shipmates step into a small shop.  They’ve just had a big pay day and are on the look out for some new gear. In a good mood, Imin walks up and down the aisles, whistling to himself. Until he hears a familiar voice, “Hey! I know you!”

His heart sinks and he turns around to see the shopkeep pointing a finger at him. Looking quickly, he glances at his shipmates, especially their big gun-toting bounty hunter, but ,for the moment they haven’t noticed.  They’re engrossed in looking over a shiny new rocket launcher.

Moving quickly, Imin grabs the shopkeep and pulls him into the back room. There’s a secret in his past that he can’t let his shipmates learn. They know about his knack for disguises and ability to pick a lock. What they don’t know is where he learned those skills.

2598390-shadow1Once upon a time, Imin was known by a different name: The Shadow. A master at slipping in and out of places without a sound, he was a master thief. He could steal anything and had, in fact, stolen almost everything at one time or other. While his reputation was known across the underworld, his face and name were not. Part of the mystique of being only a shadow.

Regarded as a legend, his fame quickly turned to infamy after one bad heist. He had taken a job from one of his more shady contractors that seemed simple enough; slip into a high tech lab and steal a few vials of a rare and expensive chemicals. Risky, but the reward had seemed worth it.

Little did Imin know, and less did he think to ask, what the chemicals were. It was only after he made the delivery that he learned the truth; the chemicals were really a valuable drug. A drug that had just been delivered to this world to be used as a cure for a vicious space plague. A space plague that would go on to kill hundreds of people, including many children.

Word quickly spread throughout the underworld that the Shadow had been the one to steal the drugs. His name became synonymous with evil. Not even low-life crime lords wanted to hire a man who caused the deaths of children. Bounties were placed on his head and Imin was forced to leave his criminal life behind.

Now, the member of a semi-legitimate starship crew, he was happy and thought his old life had been left behind. However, this little shopkeeper seemed to know about his past. This one shopkeeper could unravel everything.

Not wanting to get more blood on his hands, Imin hauls the little man into the back and prepares to negotiate for his silence. It will be a tough sell but even if it costs him his whole fortune, he just might be able to keep living his life. The GM calls for his Negotiate check…

Success- The shopkeeper recognizes the gold mine he’s sitting on. Better to make a few credits and avoid pissing off someone with the reputation of the Shadow. The greater the success, the smaller the bribe needs to be.

Advantage-  While trying persuade the shopkeeper to remain quiet, Imin notices a holo camera recording the entire conversation. Wouldn’t do much good to bribe the shopkeeper but let their whole conversation hang around where any slicer can find it.

Triumph-  The shopkeeper actually appears sympathetic to Imin’s tale. And as luck would have it, he has a good lead on where the shady figure Imin delivered the drugs too might be located.

Failure- All the credits Imin has won’t buy the man’s silence. Although, he would be open to a long term payment plan. The more failures, the longer and worse the interest rate.

Threat- As he’s negotiating with the shopkeeper, Imin hear’s the heavy thudding bootsteps of his bounty hunter shipmate, Jenga Fettish. Depending on the amount of threat, those bootsteps might end as she comes into the back having heard the name of her long time mark; the Shadow.

Despair- No amount of credits, now or in the future, will sway the shopkeeper. He whips out a holdout blaster, pointing it at Imin’s head. The shopkeeper is making a citizens arrest and he really doesn’t mind pulling the trigger.

Sometimes while traipsing around at the edge of the empire, players have to decide how in the dark they’re willing to be about the work they get. Are they willing to become a monster, even by accident, in the name of a quick score? If they do, that obligation might follow them where ever they go.

The campaign will get intense whenever the rest of the party finds out about Imin’s past. That session is certainly going to be legendary.

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