Transmission From the Rim: Gulga the Hutt

Gulga the Hutt, is a ruthless Hutt that has taken up Residence on Rorak 5.  His violent nature and short temper mean only the scum of the scum really respect and follow this Hutt.  Slavers, spice dealers, and the worst crop of bounty hunters.  Gulga surrounds himself with the worst, or people that or forced to be there.  Gulga deals mainly in slave trafficking and the most addictive Spices.   He proudly operates a slave auction on his Space Station.

Gulga likes to get his hands dirty.  He carries big guns and likes to shoot them at people he considers enemies.  Or if no enemies are present a slave he bought for the sole purpose of shooting at is usually on hand.    Shooting people is enjoyable.  But what is better is forcing people to kill each other.  Gulga is a huge fan of pitting his enemies against each other in what he calls ‘bloodsport’.  He usually makes big spectacles out of these events and calls them a tourney if he can round up enough ‘willing participants’.  The Rules of these events are different from each event.  But one of Gulga’s favorite tricks is to round up the crew of a ship that has interfered with his business.  He throws them in a pit with one weapon and promises to let the last one alive go.

Gulga The Hutt


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Brawn 5    Cunning 4    Presence 4

Agility 4    Intellect 3     Willpower 5

Skills:  Athletics 2, Coerce 4, Cool 2, Deceit 2, Leadership 3, Brawl 2, Negotiate 3, Range (light) 4, Resilience 5, Knowledge (Underworld) 5, Perception 3, Vigilance 4


Adversary 2

Nobody’s Fool 3 (upgrade any attempt to charm, coerce or deceive Gugla 3 times)

Command 2 (Add two boost die on leadership checks)

Deadly Accuracy (ranged (light) +4 damage when using ranged light)

Natural Marksman (Once per session reroll Ranged (light) check)

Soak/Defense: 8/0

Thresholds: Wounds 35/ Strain 20


Awkward, and Ponderous (as described on page 46 of the Beginner Game Rulebook)

Spray  – Gugla loves to fire both guns at once.  When he does so he can spend two advantage (on top of the two spent to activate the second gun) or a destiny point to have the second gun’s damage apply to any target engaged with his primary target instead of his primary target.

And Pray – Gulga never really cares who or what he hits.  Gulga is not allowed to take Aiming Maneuvers. And any despair rolled on Gulga’s attack means that his second pistol hits any ally in short range of the primary target.

Equipment:  2 Superior Large-Bore Blaster Pistols – Ranged(Light), Damage 11; Crit 3, Ranged Medium, Vicious 1, Stun setting removed (Hutt only)


Designer’s Note:  Gulga is meant to be a major campaign adversary.  Or a figure the party doesn’t even know they pissed off.  Those slaves the crew just freed from slavers, must have been owned by someone.  Violent on one hand, sadistic voyeurism on another.  Gulga plays a little darker than your standard Star Wars fare but should be alright for the fringe.  However if you are playing a darker, more mature, fringe of society game, Gulga has elements that can be enhanced to make him a pretty terrifying villain.


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