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Welcome back to another Tales of a Married Gamer.  This week, we will dive into discussion about furniture.  I am not here to talk aesthetics with you, but I do come from a long line of furniture makers in Japan, so I will judge you on your furniture (I will also have horrible flashbacks if you show me a nail-gun and a bed frame).  To be fair, I also come from a long line of rice farmers, truck drivers, and social degenerates, but enough about me.

The last time I saw shelves like these they were in a restaurant walk-in.

The last time I saw shelves like these they were in a restaurant walk-in.

Now, why is furniture so important to all of us?  Well, maybe it isn’t.  But you see, that is part of the problem.  When you get into a relationship, you find yourself having to merge your own aesthetic tastes with that of your new partner.  If you have four plastic shelves full of Star Wars Legos, and they have two handcrafted minimalist steel bookshelves, it is quite clear that both things will not go together.  Lets be honest, your plastic shelves cost about $10 apiece at Walmart, while hers are worth $2000 and had to be shipped through customs and hand assembled by a team of monks in your living room.  That means, YOUR crappy furniture is going to be relegated to the garage… or more likely it will end up the city dump (please recycle if you can).

A lot of people became attached to their possessions, especially their furniture.  I’ve seen people at flea markets cry because they are selling the metal bed frame they spray painted pink during their college years.  Even if it is ugly, we do not want to give up that part of our lives.  But at some point, you need to do that, or you can apply to be on one of those hoarder television shows on TLC.

I have been lucky in my relationship in that my spouse has impeccable taste in furniture.  This is great, because it means we have nice furniture.  In fact, I am often the one at furniture stores who will refuse to buy something because I believe that it is not of the quality we want.  Many a furniture salesperson has been shot down as I pointed out that they have just glued nice thin boards on top of cheap furniture, and that I wouldn’t even let my dog chew on this furniture, let alone bring it into my house.  Yes, I’m that jerk.  But this has a very positive outcome.  We have been buying nice furniture for a few years, and one purchase we made was some nice bookshelves.  Now after moving, we found a place that had built in bookshelves.  In this, my wife was thinking it was time to sell the bookshelves.  This is the point where you say “NO!”  Why?  Because these nice pieces of furniture are perfect for your gaming room.  Before my gaming room was just two sad tables and a nice sized closet, where I could paint, model, read, and do lots of other game related activities.  But now I have two wonderful bookshelves.  I can display models, books and games in style.


I have never known anyone with a collection this organized. I have shelves, games are on them — here endeth the organization.

So is your spouse getting new furniture?  Are they thinking of replacing furniture in your house?  This might not be a negative (though it will cost you $$$), just ask yourself if that furniture can be used or re-purposed for your gaming room/den/cave/lair/garage.  I know plenty of gamers who could always use more tables for wargaming, painting, and all the rest of the hobby that takes up lots of space.  So before you go listing that furniture on some internet site or letting your spouse take it to the flea market so she can trade it for two candlesticks, see if you can use it for your own game room.

I did, and it has been a great success (except the part where my wife has figured out that she can buy even more furniture).

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