Heroes on Demand: Liam Shirou, Tager Warrior

Welcome yet again to Heroes on Demand, your constant source for a wide variety of ready-to-play player characters for a number of RPGs.  As discussed in my review of Wildfire LLC’s CthulhuTech RPG, one of my favorite campaign focuses is that of the Eldritch Society and their monstrous champions, the Tagers.  Making what is perhaps one of the greatest sacrifices for the sake of humanity, Tagers have undergone strenuous training and a dangerous ritual to become a step removed from the very humans they strive to protect.  They stalk the dark places in search of monsters, having become monsters themselves to be better fight their enemies.  Prepare to join this dark crusade as we introduce…

"Don't make me angry... you really won't like what happens when I get angry."

“Don’t make me angry… you really won’t like what happens when I get angry.”

Liam Shirou
Game: CthulhuTech

Profession: Tager Warrior
Race: Human
Allegiance: Eldritch Society
Callsign: Squall
Virtue: Courageous
Flaw: Ruthless

Human Form: Agility 8, Intellect 5, Perception 6, Presence 5, Strength 8, Tenacity 8
Tager Form: Agility 10, Intellect 5, Perception 8, Presence 5, Strength 10, Tenacity 10

Secondary Attributes
Human Form: Actions 2, Movement 17 mph (42/10), Reflex 7, Orgone 5, Vitality 14
Tager Form: Actions 3, Movement 21mph (52/12), Reflex 8, Orgone 5, Vitality 16

General Skills: Athletics: Novice, Criminal: Student, Education: Student, Intimidate: Novice, Language (English): Expert, Law Enforcement: Novice, Literacy: Novice, Observation: Novice, Occult: Novice, Regional Knowledge (North America, Chicago Arcology): Novice, Research: Student, Security: Student, Stealth: Student, Streetwise: Student, Surveillance: Student (Focus: Shadowing), Trivia (action films): Student
Combat Skills: Dodge: Adept, Fighting: Adept, Marksman: Novice (Focus: Tager)

Assets: Fast, Fearless, Tager
Drawbacks: Damaged, Duty (3), Fanatical (2), Misfit (1), Vengeful (1)

Notable Possessions: Personal sidearm (CS-40 Defender) with three clips of ammo, concealable holster, PCPU with basic peripherals, ordinary clothing

Background: Liam couldn’t tell you much about his childhood, mostly as it was pretty uneventful… or at least as uneventful as childhood can be in the Strange Aeon.  His father served as a mecha pilot during the first ArcanoTech War, while his mother was a corporate secretary; he’s still trying to figure out how they had enough in common to get married in the first place much less to still be together after all these years.  Deciding to make his own path, Liam was hoping to make it into the Chicago PD, and was halfway through his training at the police academy when his entire life came crumbling down around him.

From what he’s been able to gather, his mother found out something she shouldn’t have, some underhanded doings that would get the resident senior project manager of the Chicago branch office into major trouble with the authorities.  Unfortunately, the senior project manager wasn’t about to take things lying down, and had some powerful connections.  To this day, Liam doesn’t know the full details of how it happened, but considering the carnage that was left behind, he’s probably better off; it’s bad enough that his parents and two younger brothers were now dead.  It was shortly after the funeral that Liam was approached by a mysterious figure that offered two things.  The first was information on why his family had been murdered, and the second was a chance to take a measure of revenge on those responsible for the murders.  His life in a tail spin, Liam didn’t hesitate to accept, and a year later was a full-fledged member of the Eldritch Society and had undergone the Rite of Sacred Union, transformed from a mere human into a supernatural warrior.  Like his father, Liam is now a soldier, only this time the war is being fought in the shadows of the NEG but the stakes are just the same; humanity’s survival.

Putting his basic police training to good use, Liam serves the Eldritch Society as an investigator, either as part of a pack or as an solo operator, often probing the Arcane Underground for occult threats, specifically those tied to Chrysalis Corporation and their Dhohanoid agents.  But somewhere in the transition from cop-in-training to shadow warrior, the idealism that lead Liam to want to become a cop has been replaced with a streak of cold and pragmatic ruthlessness; if you’re an enemy to the Society or humanity in general, there’s no such thing as mercy.  This vicious streak tends to make ordinary people uncomfortable around Liam, and it’s even unnerved some of his still-mortal peers within the Society itself.  Time will tell just how much of a monster Liam will end up becoming, and how much of this ruthlessness is due to the symbiont’s influence and how much from the trauma of losing everything that was once important to him.

Design Notes: Liam’s a pretty solid operative even without his monstrous abilities.  He’s not spectacular as an investigator, but he’s not helpless on that front either.  Of course, being a combat-based Tager, it’s physical confrontation where Liam really shines, to the point that mortal foes are going to get butchered very quickly if he shifts into his Tager form; even a one-on-one fight with many supernatural threats is usually going to be in Liam’s favor given the Phantom’s natural armor, quick healing, and vicious weaponry.  Of course, the Eldritch Society has pretty strict protocols regarding the secrecy of their existence and the inhuman nature of their main fighting force, so should Liam find himself working with a group of mortals, he’ll need to be judicious in deciding when to “cut loose” in combat; after all, most people don’t take well to finding out that a trusted ally has been keeping their ability to transform at-will into a supernatural murder machine a secret.

The target of his Vengeful drawback is the senior project manager, and the only reason the value is so low is that Liam’s responsibilities to the Eldritch Society keep him from being able to spend the time and effort to track this man down and settle the score.  What exactly his mother found out that warranted the family’s death sentence is up to the Storyguide, as is the project manager’s exact nature.  Given the connections to Chrysalis, the manager is likely to be a Dhohanoid of some sort, but he could easily be a sorcerer or a para-psychic as he could be a mundane human; heck, instead of a “he” the project manager could be a “she.”

Given the recent traumas in his life, Liam should be played as cynical, detached, and cold-blooded; anyone that comes into direct conflict with him will be lucky to get a single warning, especially if that other person is up to something nefarious or has a connection to the darker cults of the Old Ones.  That’s not to say it’s impossible for him to form some kind of lasting relationship with other people, such as his fellow party members, but it’s going to take time and patience on both sides for it to happen.

Liam’s human image was created using the Anime Boys Dress-Up Game courtesy of Rinmaru Games.  The Phantom Tager image is taken from the CulhuTech website downloads section and is the property of Wildfire LLC.

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