Transmission from the Rim: Dara Stormwright

Dara Stormwright is a Shipwright and Mechanic by trade, having worked for the Corellian Engineering Corporation in both capacities until her bad luck at the Sabacc table led her to take out some pretty sizable loans to some pretty bad people—loans she had no hope of paying back.  Dara ended up selling CEC company secrets in order to stay afloat.  That is until the CEC caught on.  Dara was able to flee the CEC before any formal hearings occurred, and she’s been on the run ever since.  The CEC doesn’t want people to know there was a leak in their personnel, not wanting to show weakness to their competitors, so they’ve kept the whole mess hush hush.

Since the incident Dara has been jumping from place to place repairing ships, entering Sabacc games, and trying to stay one step ahead of those that are after her.  Along the way she’s run into Seela Vrei at the Sabacc table and they’ve developed a bit of a rivalry.  Well, at least Dara views it as a rivalry.

Dara is smart and a good mechanic, but she’ll bet on anything.  It’s a bit of an addiction for her, though of course she doesn’t see it that way.   She employs herself now as  a freelance mechanic in order to stay at the table.  She doesn’t really care what you are trying to put on your ship as long and you pay credits, or are willing to help her get out of her latest jam.


Courtesy *Ryan-Rhodes - Deviant Art

Courtesy *Ryan-Rhodes – Deviant Art

Dara Stormwright

Brawn 2                Agility 3                Intellect 5

Cunning 2            Willpower 2        Presence 3


Astrogation 1, Charm 3, Deceit 1, Mechanics 3, Perception 2, Pilot Space 2, Ranged (light) 2, Streetwise 2, Knowledge (outer Rim) 3


Solid Repairs 3, Gearhead 3

Wanna Bet? – Dara cannot back down from a wager, especially on the Sabacc table.   In any dealings that involve a bet, Dara must make a HARD Discipline check to avoid taking the wager.  If Sabacc is involved upgrade a difficulty dice.


Soak/Defense: 3/0

Wound/Strain: 13/12

Equipment:  Toolkit, Utility belt, Blaster Pistol (Ranged [Light]: Damage 6; Critical 3), Datapad, Comlink, Sabacc Deck, Heavy Corellian Clothing

Designer Notes:  Dara is designed to be a resource for the party, a mechanic to fix the ship and add modifications.  She also has been written to have tons of flaws.  Flaws that may complicate things for the party.  She could be a good source of adventure as well.  I’ve linked her background to Seela Vrei a great NPC Donovan Morningfire created for this Threat Assessment series.  If you are putting a Sabacc game in your adventure, having these two ‘rival’ NPCs at the table could make for some fun roleplaying.  Especially if the Party has other dealings with one or the other.  Special thanks to Barbacobra for suggesting this type of character.


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