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No, not that Career Builder; you’re not going to find a job with some tech company or middle-management position with an insurance agency by reading this article.  Instead, you’re going to find the latest in home-brewed Edge of the Empire goodness for everyone out there who wants to have a few more options on the table to choose from for character Careers.

On the various forums dedicated and devoted to FFG’s Edge of the Empire game, there have been a few stabs at making Jedi characters.  Yes, Jedi are supposed to be wiped out in EotE, and Force-Use has been clubbed soundly with the nerf-bat down to one specialization and three basic Force powers.  Yes, the official, expanded rules are coming.  Yes, there will be an entire game devoted to them in 2015 with Force and Destiny, but gosh darn it people are impatient.  Gaming people, who like to play Jedi.  Creative people, with too much time on their hands (that or they’re doing game design when they’re supposed to be working, but game design is much more fun).  Determined people who say “to Hell with waiting” and sit down with the Beta Rulebook, the Errata Updates, and spend several weeks building a Jedi Career  that utilizes the tools and resources that are at hand.

Some of those people even have blog sites of their own, and have posted such creations there.

Edgy Jedi: Agent 43-Style

I’ve played Edge of the Empire a few times now, on both sides of the GM screen, and I can say with certainty that I love the heck out of it.  It really is “the new hotness” and I find myself wanting to convert over all my campaign ideas to use it.  Biggest problem is that one of my games (my Alt-U game, Order 65) has three Jedi and a Force-Using Zorro analogue.  Another game (Another Longshot) is going to take place in the Legacy Era, and will have Jedi, and Imperial Knights, and Blackjack, and Hookers…okay, maybe not the last two, but prominent Force-users.  To be able to play this wonderful system FFG has created, and roll those remarkably cool story-driving dice they use…

I.  Need.  Jedi.


So to Hell with it, I wrote up my own.

Several Agents on this site as well as other creative people in the Gamer Nation have made their own Jedi Careers with new custom Specializations, Talents, and Powers.  These have been very creative, and a fun read, and even more fun to volley ideas back and forth on.

My take was to use the tools that were at hand, to use the Talents and Skills within the game currently to build a Jedi Career.  The Specialization trees use the Talents currently available, as listed in the Beta Rulebook.  They will likely need a little tweaking once the Core Rulebook is released, but for now they should be pretty playable.

Each of the following Talent Trees represents the three types of Jedi that we’ve seen in various RPGs and Video Games over the years; Guardians, Consulars, and Sentinels.  All the talents are annotated with the talent’s page number in the Edge of the Empire Beta Book.  There are some minor changes to the trees that have been made, mostly in the tier four and tier five areas of the trees.  These changes, and the talent description locations, will be updated when the Core Rulebook is released in July.


In addition, Edge of the Empire utilizes an obligation system.  Jedi character shouldn’t be exempt from the fun of obligations hanging over their head, so I developed a list of ideas for Jedi Obligations no matter what the dice roll during character creation.  Duty-bound?  Criminal? Blackmail? Addiction?  Don’t judge, Jedi are just as human as the next guy.  Except the aliens, they’re not as human as the next guy…

If you’re interested in reading up on the development process, or getting a glimpse at anything else for this take on the Jedi once I post it, you can check it out on my Fragments from the Rim blog.  Links to the important posts are as follows:

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