Iron Adversaries: Winter Guard Redux

Previously in Iron Adversaries I discussed bringing the standard Winter Guard Infantry from Warmachine into the Iron Kingdoms RPG.  A fairly detailed 6-step process was followed and in the end it spit out this result:

Winter Guard Infantry

Spd 6     Str 5     MAT 5     RAT 5     Def 12     Arm 13

Willpower 9     Init 14     Detect 5     Sneak 5

Axe: Mat 5 P+S 8

Blunderbuss: RAT 5 Pow 12 Rng 8

Abilities: Find Cover, Sentry

And to double the utility of that work, I pointed out that replacing the Blunderbuss with a Heavy Rifle gives you the Winter Guard Rifle Corps, or add a Rocket Launcher for the weapon attachment.

In this article, I will be covering the remaining Winter Guard Units, and getting them onto the table.

Winter Guard Infantry Standard Bearerstandardbearer

Stats: No Changes

Equipment: Adds a standard

Special Rules: In Warmachine, for some reason the standard bearer gives the ability to fire grape shot to all the members of his unit.  I don’t see any reason not to give the Winter Guard this ability in a limited sense.  I would let each squad member use it a limited number of times (put a penny or similar marker next to each model that has fired, and only let them have one or two shots).  Second, since it is not in the core rules anywhere, I would limit it by making it take 2 quick actions instead of 1 to load the gun, and any roll of all ones results in the gun exploding.  Finally, if I allowed this in game, I would drop Find Cover or Sentry in exchange for it.

The other special rule is the standard.  In the wargame, it allows re-rolls on Command Checks to break.  So I would allow some benefit on Willpower checks, and since I am a static kind of guy, I would say +2 (the average of 2d6 with a reroll is 8.37, instead of 7, rounding up is a +2). Any model that can draw a line of sight to the standard gets +2 Willpower, which seems easy enough.

Winter Guard Infantry Officer

Stats: Increase RAT and MAT to 6.  In the RPG, I would build the officer as a 2 career NPC, so these extra points are easily justified there.  Also, since it would be a 2 career NPC, I would certainly use a full life spiral.

Equipment: No Change

Special Rules: Order: Bob and Weave, I would treat as Battle Plan: Bob and Weave.  This character can spend a quick action and a feat point and give the order to advance.  Affected models that make a full advance gain +2 Defence for the turn.  Basically anyone in Command Range (9″) Who does not run, charge, or sacrifice movement gets +2 Def.

Tactics: Combined Melee Attack – As I said in the first article, I probably would ignore this ability.

Winter Guard Rifle CorpsRifle5

Stats & Equipment: See above

Special Rules: First is ranked attacks, this model does not block line of site for allies.  I would let them keep this, and drop Find Cover for it.

Suppressing Fire is a lot like Sentry to be honest, I would let them keep Sentry and just run with it.

Winter Guard Field Gun Crew

Stats: No Changes

Equipment: Add a Field Gun

Special Rules: Critical Knockdown carries over unchanged.

The next two are going to be common for all artillery pieces in the game, but they won’t be too difficult to translate.

Light Artillery: There are 4 things here, the model with the weapon can move and fire in the same turn, cannot charge, and if this model attacks with this weapon it cannot attack with anything else.  This is not too bad to handle.  The NPC with the artillery piece cannot move and fire in the same turn, and cannot charge.  Not being able to attack is already covered.

Range Finder: While base to base with another member of the unit, read, the artillery crew, the artillery piece gets +2 on attack rolls.  I would make this require a quick action for the model doing the range finding, but otherwise fine.

I would not let artillery pieces have Sentry.

Winter Guard Mortar Crewmortar

Stats & Equipment: Same as above, except with a Mortar.

Special Rules: Light Artillery and Range Finder are covered above.

Arcing Fire, ignore intervening models, that is easy enough.

Inaccurate: -4 to attack rolls with this weapon, again copy directly.

Minimum Range 8″, one more time, a direct translation should be fine.

All I have to say is why are you throwing this much artillery at your PCs?

Kovnik Jozef Grigorovichgrig

For my last trick of the night, I am going to bring over Kovnik Jozef “Jo” Grigorovich, the solo character who frequently is associated with the Winter Guard in the Battle Game.

Across the board this guy has better stats and different equipment than regular Winter Guard.  Specifically 3 more Strength, 2 more MAT, 1 more RAT, and 1 more Arm, as well as using a Hand Cannon and Saber.  I could go digging back through the calculations, and I promise I will at some point, but right now I want to get this guy onto the table for an encounter.  For those purposes I am going to Keep the Winter Guard stats from the previous article, assuming increases as necessary to get me these new numbers.

Assuming Kovnik ‘Jo’ has picked up a second Career, despite his canonical disdain for becoming an officer, I can pretty easily justify away the RAT and MAT changes.  I am left needing 1 more Physique (for the armor) and 3 more Strength to bring him in line, but I don’t really care (right now) where these numbers came from.  Since Kovnik Grogorovich certainly deserves a life spiral, I won’t forget the additional point of Phy.

Equipment is copied down directly and shouldn’t require any extra thought.

On the other tentacle, the Patriotic Speeches special rule could be a bit more of a challenge.  Just remember the tools we are given, specifically Battle Plan in this case.  If each of these abilities is a Battle Plan, and we allow Jo 2 Feat points per turn he can make solid use of them in his 9″ Command range.

His other ability, Sacrificial Pawn, is just Sucker! with a requirement for it to be Winter Guard that receive the hit, but increases the range to 3 inches.  Play it either way that suits your game.

Finally for his additional stats which do not appear in Warmachine, I would add 2 points each to Willpower and Initiative, and 1 point to each of Detection and Sneak.

This concludes this Iron Adversaries.  The goal here was to illustrate that, although translating a Warmachine Unit into Iron Kingdoms may take a bit of math homework, with relatively little additional work you are able to use that initial investment to translate over a wide range of models.  In the next Iron Adversaries we will be back to doing an in depth translation of a Warmachine unit into Iron Kingdoms stats, perhaps some soldiers dressed in blue.

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