The Dread Pirate Wesley


Off the western coast of Immoren lies a chain of jagged and inhospitable lumps of rock known as the Scharde Islands.  More than a millennium before the Orgoth Invasion these islands had been safe harbor for pirates and worse plying their trade all along the broken coast.

In approximately the year 1000 BR (1600+ years ago) a lawless and hostile land became something far worse.  Toruk, the Dragonfather, and self-proclaimed god took up residence on the Scharde Islands, in the city of Skell.  He used his awesome power, and the unnatural and corrupting blight emanating from his own body to rest control of the islands from the pirate lords.  Whoever would not bow to him was utterly destroyed.  So began the nightmare empire of Cryx.

Toruk brought to the islands knowledge of dark arts including necromancy and sorcery.  From the ranks of the pirate kings he created the first Lich Lords, and their Iron Lich servants, who rule the land in his stead.

Many years later when the Orgoth were driven from the main land, they made to pause on the Scharde Islands.  Perhaps to prepare for their long journey westward, or perhaps to prepare a counter attack against the fledgling Iron Kingdoms.  Instead they met the full fury of the father of dragons roused to anger.  They were utterly destroyed.

From the few prisoners, and the many tormented souls of the annihilated Orgoth, Cryx learned many secrets and gained many new weapons for their arsenal.

It is fortunate for the people of the Iron Kingdoms that Toruk is not interested in subjugating the whole of their lands.  His singular purpose is the destruction of his own rebellious progeny who rose up against him, and that is the true purpose of the military might and secret cabals of the empire of Cryx.

As such, not even the tiny land mass of the Scharde Islands is completely under the dragon’s thumb.  No one would be foolish enough to act against the empire, or speak out against even the lowest of the undead minions, but here and there small communities of pirates still flourish, paying tribute to their nominal masters in gold and prisoners.  Pirates like:

Dread Pirate Wesley

Trollkin – Skilled – Pirate/Duelist

Phy 6, Spd 6, Str 6

Agl 4 , Prw 4, Poi 2

Int 3, Per 3

Willpower 9, Def 12, Arm 11, Init +13, Command Range 3

Skills: Hand Weapon +6, Pistol +4, Gambling +4, Intimidation +8*, Jumping +7, Climbing +5, Sailing +7 Str / +4 Int, Swimming +7

*Social Skills may vary with circumstance

Abilities: Tough, Feat: Revitalize, Virtuoso (Cutlass), Parry, Riposte, Gang, Steady, Specialization (Cutlass)

Equipment: Leather Armor, Cutlass, x2 Slug Guns on rope brace with 10 reloads, Bottle of Rum, 10 gc

Backstory:  Wesley cannot remember ever being part of the traditional life in the Kriels of his people.  He was captured young, and fortunate enough to find himself in the clutches of a Trollkin captain.  His life was spared, being press ganged into service as a cabin boy for the captain, although the captain insisted on using the name of the human boy he was replacing.

There were strangely good days where the captain and crew would see to training him in the ways of sailing and skill with the cutlass.  And there were strangely dark days where rum and misfortune would drive the captain to the edge of killing Wesley.  Though it all, he hung on.

Now the old captain is gone, taken by lung rot, and the crew stands in turmoil.  He is old enough and past to be considered a full member, but it isn’t clear how the new command will shake out.

Game Plan:

Wesley is a master with the cutlass, making P+S 10 attacks, with best of 3 dice to hit and damage.  His Duelist abilities give him solid battlefield mobility, and the occasional extra attack.  On the off chance a particularly dangerous foe, or even a steamjack presents itself, he can grab both guns and unload, albeit with incredibly poor accuracy.  Save these attacks for low defense, or better yet knocked down foes.


Wesley has a wide range of possible advancements.  He can continue to master his Cutlass, by increasing his skill and his Strength his damage output will rise.  Picking up abilities like Quick Work, Acrobatics, or Even Head Butt will give him better opportunities to make use of his melee skill.  Alternatively, he can increase his skill with his chosen heavy guns.  Picking up skill and stat bonuses to hit will help these naturally inaccurate weapons, and he can pick up Fast Draw and Gun Fighter to get even more out of them.

In general abilities like two-weapon fighting and ambidextrous will always increase damage output., and the swashbuckler archetype benefit screams to be taken.

Finally, in regards to possible additional careers, if the campaign moves away from simple piracy, maybe explorer or even fell caller will give the character much more depth without sacrificing his core concept.

Adventuring Company:  The most obvious company for this character is the pirates of the broken coast, although with a bit of tweaking he could fall into several others without too much difficulty.

The questions 3 (+1):

Who/What do you love?

During a raid several months ago Wesley encountered a trollkin girl from the kriels.  In that first meeting he spared her life, and helped her hide from the crew.  Since then, they have met twice more, once she spared him, and then his turn again to spare her.  He does not know her, but he pines for her, and more fate seems adamant to drive them together.

Who/What do you hate?

The undead.  Piracy is not honorable or honest work, but at least it is not unnatural.  Returning to port along the Scharde Islands and seeing the rotting corpses of thralls unloading cargo is sickening.

Why are you here?

If there are other options, Wesley has long since been blinded too them.

What is your shtick?

Wesley is a melee powerhouse, quite capable of crushing most foes before him.  And when he can’t, well that is what slug guns are for, isn’t it?

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