Rogue Event 10 – Ship Carrying Slaves

Inspired by this Random Event from the award-winning rogue-like computer game FTL, Ship Carrying Slaves starts your Star Wars – Edge of the Empire Crew with a cut and dry skirmish by an intergalactic ruffian and ends with an interesting possible twist.


You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect a single vessel of Silhouette 4 at the far end of the system.

Do you move in to investigate?


Rogue Event 10 - Slave Ship

There is little subterfuge or nuance to be had here. The starship is a Firespray System Patrol Craft with added concussion missile launchers, piloted by a Rodian Slaver using the stat block for a Journeyman Bounty Hunter. The Rodian is a ruthless killer and does not care to talk or negotiate with her prey. Her goal is to destroy the Crew’s starship, tractor any salvageable material to a scrap heap, and capture any survivors to sell into slavery.


Stat Block Rogue Event 10

The encounter begins immediately with both starships at Extreme Range to each other. Basic scans show the Crew that the Firespray is coming at them as fast as it can at Speed 4. When the ships have closed to Short Range, the Rodian slaver gains a target lock and attacks with her concussion missiles. Thereafter, she pursues the Crew’s starship attacking at Close Range with her vessel’s autoblasters.

If within sensor range, the Firespray can be scanned to reveal its owner as well as 3 additional Rodians and 1 Human locked in the prisoner cells.

After dealing at least 10 Hull Trauma to the Rodian woman’s vessel, her high-pitched voice tweaks across the radio:
“You are a cunning warrior and have defeated me in this great hunt. For that you have earned my respect. I offer you my captured bounties in supplication, as well as my scanned starcharts of this sector.”
If the Crew accepts the offer, the slaver delivers on her word transmitting 3 explored starcharts and delivering her four bounties. The prisoners were a Crew of a merchant transport vessel headed to the Core Worlds who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are now filthy and malnourished. If they are treated well, fed, and transported to any Core World, the merchants prove to be valuable allies; transferring 1,000 credits to the Crew and upgrading all future Negotiation and Streetwise checks made at the star system they were delivered to.
If the Crew does not accept the offer, the Rodian woman fights to the death and the only reward offered to the players is the satisfaction of ridding such scum from the galaxy.
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