Threat Assessment: The Mandalorian war machine

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Of all the mercenaries and bounty hunters out there, few strike as much fear into the heart and minds of general population as the Mandalorians. Driven by some odd sense of honour and warrior code, these mercs and hunters perform their violent job with neat and thorough proficiency.

Mandalorians have been around as long as humans have traveled the galaxy, most likely even longer. Their culture is ancient, their (mis)deeds infamous events throughout Republic history; genocide, slaughter and war. Stories of these warriors riding into battle astride mechanical beasts prove to some that these warriors’ simple ideals are strong and noteworthy, admirable to some. Foolhardy and borderline to others.

An occasional ally of the Sith, the Mandalorians have a long standing enmity with the Jedi. In their fight for the Sith and against the Jedi the Mandalorians have cultivated a healthy interest in armour, gear and weaponry. Some Mandalorians are more like walking weapon platforms than soldiers, being armed with blasters, knives, rocket launchers, jet pack, nets and more. As non-sensitives they use any and all means necessary for gaining an edge in their fight against the “superior” Jedi.

I recent times the Mandalorians have been relegated from a central piece on the galactic scene to the edge, the fringes. No more grand warriors and armies conquering, the Mandalorians are now bounty hunters and mercenaries, guns for hire for the highest bidder. Some still work in groups, large or small, for a crime lord or other patron – while others serve their own more nefarious schemes.

This document contains NPC stats for two of the Mandalorian factions active around the time of the Rebellion; the Mandalorian Protectors and the Death Watch. Additionally it contains some new gear and 4 new starships from MandalMotors.

The document can be accessed on Google Drive and Dropbox.

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