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The Protectorate of Menoth is the youngest of the lands recognized as one of the Iron Kingdoms.  Lying to the southeast of Cygnar, and originally established as a province of that country effectively forming a reservation for the more militaristic and vehement sects of the Menite faith, years of slow erosion has finally established it as an independent country.

Uniquely of the Iron Kingdoms, the Protectorate is a fervent theocracy dedicated to the worship and will of Menoth.  Seeing the outside world as godless, and perceiving themselves as besieged on all sides, the Priests and Scrutators of the faith require strict obedience to the tenants of the faith.  However, the Synod of Visigoths has taken several liberal steps of interpretation in order to shepherd the realm along into the modern era.  Most notably, although the faith of Menoth has long held that the practice of magic by any means other than the use of prayer to Menoth is an abomination, they have authorized the use of Steamjacks and Mechanika, requiring strict preparations and blessings to contain the taint.

The nation lays between the Black River and the Bloodstone Marches.  The land is inhospitable and devoid of forests or fertile land.  Originally populated by the Idrian people who were hostile to the Menites, the direct intervention of Menoth by the means of a miraculous earthquake which struck down the Idrian defenders or a city without harming the Protectorate army surrounding them lead not only to the defeat of the Idrians, but to their assimilation into the young nation.  Freed from the conflict with the natives, and seeing the hostile land as a test from Menoth, the people spread into the territories with a zeal.  Soon they discovered massive quarries for stone, areas to mine iron and diamonds, and even oil which they refine into Menoth’s Fury, a terrible weapon of war.

Every citizen of the Protectorate is a dutiful and devout servant of the faith.  The Scrutators, priests with the authority of judge, jury, and executioner, and monks hidden among the people without vestments insure this to be true.  Only the very sick or those on church business are allowed to miss worship.  Everyone is expected to tithe a fraction of their income.  What is more, everyone is expected to serve in the defense of the faith, even when that takes the form of Crusades into foreign lands.

There are many strata to the people of the Protectorate, from lowly peasants living in conditions worse than Northern Khador, through a variety of knightly orders and other servants of the church, all the way to the Visigoths who rule the church.  From the land itself to the Scrutators punishing the impious, the realm is harsh and unforgiving, and yet the people turn to their tasks with true faith in their hearts.

Missionary Priest Zaspar Rometheus

Human – Gifted – Priest/Sorceror (Fire)

Phy 5, Spd 6 , Str 4

Agl 5, Prw 4, Poi 4

Int 4, Arc 4, Per 3

Willpower 9, Def 13, Arm 11, Init 13, Command Range 4

Skills: Great Weapon +5, Crossbow +5, Lore (Menite Faith) +5, Oratory +5*, Detection +4, Survival +4

*Social Skills may vary with circumstance

Abilities: Fast Caster, Dispel, Immunity: Fire

Spells: Guided Blade, Ignite, Immolation, Fire Starter, Howling Flames, Wall of Fire

Equipment: Custom Battle Armor, Battle Staff (with Menofix), Crossbow (30 bolts), Quiver, Menofix, 40 gc

Backstory:  Zaspar was born to a low family of  farmers who tried to scrape a meager living from the sand of the desert.  Like everyone in the tiny community he knew toil and faith, the endless service to Menoth, and he knew the joy of it.  A joy that was torn away when the attack came.  He was too young, and too scared to truly know what was happening.  He fell to his knees, and he prayed to Menoth.  And as he prayed he felt the rage and fury of Menoth rising up inside him.  Felt it burning away his fear. What happened that day only returns to him in his nightmares.  What he knows is that when the Scrutators came, he was to be branded as a sorcerer.  Branded and then burnt at the stake.  His immunity to both punishments raised eyebrows, and consternation.

Many years later he still reflects on the rush of events that he could not comprehend.  In the end he found himself in the tender care of one of the academies responsible for raising young priests.  His connection to Urcaen guided and sculpted to that of the priesthood.  Sanctifying his powers and erasing the stigma of his sorcerous origins.

In time he found his calling as a missionary, traveling outside the Protectorate and preaching the true faith of Menoth to all he finds.  In his time abroad, he has found both kinds of heretics; those who are willing to convert to the true faith, and those who burn.

Game Plan:  Warning:  This character is not suited to joining just any campaign and group.  As written he is zealous and intolerant of non-Menites.  On the other tentacle, he is a rather powerful and focused spell caster, with most of his spells surrounding his fire theme.  He is capable of buffing, dealing direct or spray damage, and even conjuring a wall of fire to control the board with.  Most of his attacks can cause the target to be lit on fire.  His battle plans should pretty much focus on him being the center of an inferno of destruction.  His staff cannot be discounted; with a self buff to attack rolls, and the staff’s inherent ability to make trip attacks he can leave opponents wide open to follow up attacks.

Advancement:  Although he would pick up significant benefit from the Arcanist Career, it does not make sense for his Protectorate background.  More likely his advancement should focus in on picking up additional fire based spells such as Ashes to Ashes, Cleansing Fire, or the devastating Sea of Fire.  Remember to continue to keep both his INT and ARC maxed out as he advances to maximize his available spells, and their effectiveness.

Adventuring Company: This is a hairy area.  Most likely some variation of mercenary company or arcane order would be most appropriate, re-themed as an out-rider group of a Menite Crusade.

The questions 3 (+1):

Who/What do you love?

Zaspar is singularly devoted to Menoth, and fundamentally has no other concerns.

Who/What do you hate?

Morrowans, above all other heretics those that follow the upstart religion of a false god are contemptible.

Why are you here?

To spread the faith, and serve the church.

What is your shtick?

Pyromaniac: adj.  See Zaspar Rometheus

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