Heroes on Demand – Eoghain, Irish Rocker

It’s time for another installment of Heroes on Demand. This time we’re going to explore a side of the world not known by normal people. In White Wolf Studio’s game Changeling: The Lost, you take on the role of a human that was abducted by the Fae and used as a servant in their realm of Arcadia before escaping back into the normal world through the Hedge. Once back, you must come to terms with what’s changed (and what hasn’t changed) in the mortal realm while you were held captive, all the while coming to terms with the changes that permeate your body, making a normal mundane life all but impossible. And all the while you must keep one eye over your shoulder for the Fae looking to reclaim their property.

System: Changeling: The Lost (New World of Darkness)

Publisher: White Wolf Game Studio

Concept: Irish Rocker
Virtue: Charity
Young violin player playing Stock Photo - 11364101Vice: Lust
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Flowering
Court: Spring


Intelligence •
Wits ••
Resolve ••

Strength •
Dexterity •••
Stamina ••

Presence •••
Manipulation •••
Composure ••

Academics ••
Athletics •
Brawl ••
Drive •
Expression (fiddle) •••
Persuasion (seduction) •••
Politics •
Science •
Socialize (carousing) •••
Subterfuge ••
Weaponry •

Barfly •
Striking Looks ••
Toxin Resistance ••
Harvest (Emotions) •
Mantle (Spring) •

Fleeting Spring •• (Cupid’ s Eye, Growth of the Ivy)
Vainglory •• (Mask of Superiority, Songs of Distant Arcadia)
Hearth • (Fickle Fate)






Seeming Blessing: Seductive Fragrance – Gain the benefit of 9 again on all pools including Persuasion, Socialize, and Subterfuge)
Seeming Curse: Take a -1 dice penalty on any rolls to avoid losing Clarity
Size: 5
Defense: 2
Initiative Mod: +5
Speed: 9
Armor: 0

Background: Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Eoghain knew trouble from an early age. His father ran out on him and his mother when he was very young and his mother, devastated, took to drinking heavily to dull the pain of abandonment, leaving the young man to raise himself. Before he hit his teenage years, his mother died, leaving him all alone, and he was sent overseas to live with an aunt and uncle he had never met in the United States. He was enrolled in school, and while he wasn’t much on the academic side of things, he took to the schools music program like a fish to water, falling in love with performing. This stuck with him through the rest of his life, and by the time he was in highschool, he was already playing in small pubs and bars with local groups several nights a week. This made him very popular with the local girls and he quickly gained a reputation as being more than a bit of a ladies man.

Eventually he settled down a little bit, married a nice girl and started raising a family. But he still played in the area pubs with several groups, or even by himself when the chances came, and the siren call of temptation proved to be a little bit too much for him. He fell back into his womanizing ways, which proved to be his undoing. One night, a particularly enchanting woman caught his eye, and as they chatted over a drink after his set, she invited him to her hotel room. They left the bar, and entered the realm of Arcadia. The woman was a member of the Fae and was looking for something to keep her entertained at her manse, and so Eoghain was turned into a music box. He still doesn’t know how he managed to escape, but he found himself dropped back into the Hedge at some point, and while the journey was long and painful, he managed to find his way back to the other side, only to find himself in a completely different city, and finding out that he had been missing for seven years. And so began his next journey. What happened to his family? Did they still wait for him? Did they want him back? Did he deserve to have them back? And would they understand what had happened? Hell, he still didn’t quite understand what had happened, so getting his bearings in a world that was at once familiar, but very different…

Design Notes: Eoghain (pronounced Owen) is a character that I originally developed for a Changeling Game that I played in several years ago. The core concept presented here is the same, but this is a much tighter, more refined version of the character than what I had when I first wrote him up. He’s definitely a face character, more than able to hold his own in any number of social encounters thanks to a combination of his Attributes, Skills, Contracts, and Seeming Blessing. He’s definitely a lover, not a fighter, but if he’s not able to defuse a fight before it starts, then something has gone seriously wrong. His concept and background came into being from The High King’s rendition of The Black Velvet Band, a traditional Irish folk song and were adapted for the game.

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