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The elven nation of Ios is a tragic land.  A single shard of the great empire of Lyoss wedged between trackless forest and inhospitable mountains, where the great stone and glass cities dot the interior, and the border fortresses prevent any outsider from entering.

Few, if any, outsiders know the history of the fall of Lyoss.  The golden empire devoted to the worship of the Divine Court was guided in so many ways by their loving gods.  Gods who loved their children so much they longed to live among them.  It took many years to construct the necessary arcane devices in both the mortal world of Caen and the divine realm of Urcaen, but finally the gate was thrown open, and the eight gods of the divine court stepped through.

And then disaster struck.

Millions of elves were killed when the arcane gates exploded.  So great was the devastation that Lyoss was shattered by it, but the Divine Court remained.

They gathered their people in what became Ios.  There they helped them to begin the reconstruction until the second tragedy befell the elves, and the Divine Court discovered without their connection to the Urcaen, their power was failing.  They had to find away to return to their home, without further wounding their children.  So they left the elves to begin their search.

Years later, portentous changes rocked the elves again as they discovered the Soulless.  Elven children born without any soul.  This new mystery rocked the elven nation again, until the greater tragedy was revealed.  Scyrah, the goddess of spring returned to the elves, but barely alive and she has slept since her return, each day appearing weaker.

There are those among the elves who believe the wasting disease of Scyrah is a symptom of the plague of magic users among the other races.  This sect, the Retribution of Scyrah, believes that only the death of every human arcanist will save their Goddess.

But their are others, those who search for another another answer to Scyrah’s illness, or the location of the other Vanished gods of the elves.

They are called the Seekers.



Aydyn Ryllashynyr

Iosan – Intellectual – Seeker*/Investigator

*Carreer from No Quarter Presents: Urban Adventure Supplement

Phy 5, Spd 6, Str 4

Agl 3, Prw 4, Poi 4

Int 5, Per 5

Willpower 10, Def 13, Arm 10, Init 15, Command Range 5

Skills: Pistol +6, Deception +6*, Detection +6§‡, Disguise +6§, Etiquette +6*,Forensic Science +6§, Interrogation +6*, Law +6§, Lore +6§‡(any one), Medicine +6§, Navigation +6§, Negotiation +6*, Research +6§‡, Sneak +4

*Social Skills may vary with circumstance.  § These skills, and social skills using Int or Per are Boosted automatically.  ‡ These skills may be rerolled once when they are failed.

Abilities: Feat: Hyper-Perception, Genius, Astute, Anatomical Precision, Cover Identity (Explorer), Language x2, Team Player, University Education

Equipment: Armored Great Coat, Repeating Pistol +extra wheel 20 rounds, Pocket Watch, Surgical Kit, 30 gc

Backstory:  Aydyn is a Seeker born to Seekers.  It has been many years since his parents have returned to Ios, and the weeks of his own life spent their could be counted on one hand.  He truly believes that the Vanished gods of his people are out there to be found, and will never give up the search that he was raised to.  He knows his parents have returned home to Ios having heard of the alleged discovery of the vessel of Nyssor, but this has only steeled his own determination, knowing that if one god has been found, the others must be out there.

However, he is an elf, and he knows he has many years to search,  In the mean time, he knows he will need friends and allies among the other races of Immoren if his search is to have any hope of success.

Game Plan: First, Aydyn is deliberately incomplete.  From his race and career abilities, he has 3 languages to choose.  Also his single Lore skill needs to be selected.  Finally he has not selected his Adventuring Company benefit; however, his Team Player ability lets him join any Adventuring Company no matter the standard requirements.

Next, aside from being moderately competent with Pistols, Aydyn is mostly useless in combat right now.  On the other tentacle, outside of combat his skills are monstrous to behold.  Virtually every skill he rolls at +6, under the right circumstances they are almost all rolling a Boost die for free, and 3 of them have free rerolls.  From there he will only get better.

Advancement:  There is no point trying to make Aydyn into a combat monster, he just doesn’t have the right foundation.  Increasing his Int and Per scores, adding more Int and Per based skills, and abilities that sharpen them is the way to go.

Strangely enough, thief may make an excellent additional career, or at least a second Cover Identity to pick up skills in Lock Picking.

The questions 3 (+1):

Who/What do you love?

Aydyn loves the unopened box, the mystery, and the adventure.  He is tortured by the door he cannot open or the answer he cannot have.

Who/What do you hate?

He hates the Retribution of Scyrah, and deplores their xenocidal intentions towards all human arcanists.  He knows in his heart that the Vanished will need the help of the other races to be found and restored, and the Retribution threatens to alienate them so they will not help.

Why are you here?

There are mysteries to be solved, doors to be peeked behind, and potential allies to be evaluated.

What is your shtick?

Aydyn is the enthusiastic explorer and discoverer of things.  The fighting may be going on around him, but he will be opening the chest or reading the spines of the books to see what new information has been found.

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