Edge of the Empire Rogue Event 07 – Mining Crew Buried

Inspired by this event from 2012′s rogue-like space exploration game FTL, “Mining Crew Buried” continues the Rogue Event series as started here and further expounded upon last time on the GSA with Rogue Event 06.


You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect a single vessel of Silhouette 5 at the far end of the system. Do you move in to investigate?


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A large ship is floating in space here, close sensor scans showing it to be an Mobquet MB-C1 Medium Transport. Over the communications system, a sultry voice comes crackling in over the static:

“Hello?! Why, you look like smugglers! Smugglers with big, strong hands and sturdy backs, I hope. How wonderful! We request your aid. We have a mining crew buried on the nearby planetoid and must dig them out. Our scans indicate that the mine is choked with rubble and its uneven surface prevents using any kind of heavy machinery. You simply must go down there and help our poor workers. Please hurry, they haven’t much time left before their respirators run out of power!”


Stat Block - Rogue Encounter 07

The voice over the communications array belongs to a Twi’lek woman named Seely Var, captain of her vessel. She uses the stat block of the Twi’lek Black Marketeer and her ship’s crew use the stat block of the Sullustan Pilot (Edge of the Empire Beta, p. 199), if needed. The captain responds very poorly to any overt threats and will attack the Crew if she feels that she could be in danger.

The Mobquet Transport begins the encounter at Long Range to the Crew’s starship. Loose asteroids and other orbital debris are in Close Range around the planetoid, creating a hazardous area of space. Starship flying through the area add one Setback die to Piloting checks to navigate this hazard.

If the Crew agree to help, their starship can easily settle down on the planetoid’s surface. There, they find a collapsed mining tunnel and shaft as described by Seely Var. Time is of the essence and each Crew member is limited to only an hour or so of in-game actions to rescue the miners before they die. The most difficult, but straight forward method of clearing the mine would be to physically lift and move the rocks and rubble, requiring a Daunting (dddd) Athletics check. The Galaxy Master should entertain any plausible plan devised by the Crew with an appropriate Difficulty skill check.

Once the mine is cleared, the Crew find a dozen Humans covered in soot and bruises with their legs shackled together via an energy-based restraint. These miners are weak from their ordeal and fearful of others, but can be convinced to talk with a successful Average (dd) Leadership check. The miners are slaves, brought here illegally, and forced to work in deadly conditions by the cruel Twi’lek captain. Small cave-ins and deaths are commonplace. If needed, use that stat blocks for Spaceport Urchins (Edge of the Empire Beta, p.200) to represent the miners.

If the Crew succeed on saving the miners and returning them as slaves back to Seely Var, she rewards them with as much unrefined copper ore as their cargo hold can handle. The copper ore can be sold at most civilized planets for a base price of 10 credits per Encumbrance.

If the Crew go to help, but are unable to to save the miners’ lives or attempt to free the miners from the bonds of slavery, the Twi’lek captain urgently contacts the Crew, saying:

“What is the meaning of this?! Had you no wish to aid us you might simply have declined, but this… this is an insult!”

Communications abruptly shut off, the massive ship turns to face yours, and you prepare to fight for your life. Roll Vigilance checks to determine initiative.

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