Heroes on Demand: A Stormy Knight in Cygnar – Onwer Gewitter


There are those who refer to the southern Kingdom of Cygnar as the “Jewel of the Iron Kingdoms”, but if that is true, then it is a jewel that has been polished by recent strife and conflict. It remains to be seen if the result is beauty or broken.  The realm is geographically diverse, with forests, plains, mountains, and hundreds of miles of coastline, providing the resources for a strong nation to be built upon.  Great cities, like Caspia in the South and Corvis in the North concentrate and focus the continuous innovation, which is shared along the high roads and railways of the nation.

However, Cygnar has its dark side as well.  In the wilds between the cities restless trollkin and darker things make travel far from the roads and rails perilous.  The ongoing holy war with the Protectorate of Menoth flares in the Southeast.  To the Southwest lies the broken coast, and the raiding parties of the nightmare kingdom of Cryx.  Too the North, there is an uneasy lull as Khadoran forces loom on the border, preparing for the next inevitable bite after the recently conquered Llael was swallowed fully.

Internally, though, King Leto was hailed by many as a hero when he usurped his vile brother Vinter. His recent failures have triggered whispers and plots have begun circulating through the nobility.  Those still loyal to Vinter and those who only see an opportunity for immediate gain will become allies in a battle of intrigue against the crown.

The people of Cygnar are strong, though.  They are well educated, well paid, and have many mechanikal wonders improving their daily lives.  They have access to universities, academies, temples, theaters, and more to reinforce and spread their culture.  Their army is progressive, with even the lowest soldier fielding modern rifles, and many more specialists such as the Gun Mages, or the Storm Knights, wielding the most advanced mechanikal weapons in the world.

For Example:


Sir Onwer Gewitter

Human – Mighty – Stormblade/Knight

Phy 7, Spd 6 (4 in armor), Str 5

Agl 3, Prw 5, Poi 4

Int 3, Per 3

Willpower 10, Def 9, Arm 17, Init 14, Command Range 5

Skills: Command +5*, Etiquette +5*, Detection +4, Lore (knightly order) +4, Great Weapon +7, Hand Weapon +6, Shield +6

*Social Skills may vary with circumstance

Abilities: Feat: Counter Charge, Blaster, Specialization (Storm Glaive), Cleave, Defender

Equipment: Storm Glaive, Storm Knight Armor, Combat Shield, 65 gc

Backstory:  Onwer is the youngest of six sons to a minor noble.  It was never conceived that he would be anywhere near inheriting land or title, so he was allowed to do as he chose.  Inattentive to his tutors and his chores, he was only interested in martial pursuits since childhood.  He never grew out of the phase of  adoring knights and other such heroes. That is, until he had the opportunity to see the effectiveness of a unit of Cygnaran Stormblades first hand in a minor skirmish against a trollkin kriel on his family land.  By the end of that day, his life had a new course.

The very day he was old enough to enlist he began his personal quest to become a Stormblade himself.  Unbeknownst to him, there was some liberal string pulling and greasing of palms behind the scenes by his father to get him in.

In short order, he earned himself a position in the Order of the Gathering Storm, a Knightly order of Stormblades dedicated to the service of Cygnar and King Leto, but outside the traditional military hierarchy.  For the first time in his life he feels free to choose his own path, and still honor his lineage in service to crown and country.

Game Plan: Onwer is not a subtle character.  With shield in hand, he attacks at power 10 + 4d6 on the charge with his Storm Glaive.  When He drops a foe he gets a bonus Cleave attack.  When a foe attacks a nearby ally he gets a short free move, and an attack.  If a foe wanders too near, he can spend a feat point to counter charge and attack.  On the rare occasion when he can’t quite reach a foe, he can discharge a short range lightning attack from his Glaive.

Outside of combat he provides far less.  With his only meaningful skill being etiquette, he may not embarrass himself at a state dinner, but he will not be solving the mystery single handed.

Advancement:  In the short term, Onwer should focus on maintaing his combat abilities at their peak, but start to gather skills to contribute outside of combat.  At a later point he may embrace his aristocracy by picking up the appropriate career and its many beneficial social skill options, or he may focus entirely on combat with choices like Duelist, Man-at-Arms, or Military Officer.

Adventuring Company: No adventuring company bonus was chosen.  The free Shield Guard from Arcane Order would be the most advantageous.  However the free skill from Mercenary Charter will help round him out without forcing too strict a requirement on other characters.

The questions 3 (+1):

Who/What do you love?

This character loves noble combat.  Not the volley and thunder of war, but the purposeful single combat of defending the weak or vanquishing evil.

Who/What do you hate?

Onwer hates the ignoble elements of society on all levels.  From petty thieves and hooligans in the street to corrupt nobles, they offend his sense of the chivalrous world that should be.  Obviously there would be a problem if he ever discovered how his father bought his initial entry into the Stormblades.

Why are you here?

To defend the weak, destroy evil, and defeat America’s Cygnar’s enemies, where ever they may be.

What is your shtick?

Onwer is larger than life.  Errol Flynn on Steroids.  The kind of knight who’s battle cry is “HO HO!” accompanied by a blast of trumpets from somewhere off stage.  He can be counted on to not be an embarrassment in public, but not much more.

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