Heroes on Demand: Zwy’gut Fess, Trandoshan Marauder

Galactic Denizens head to the Outer Rim Territories for a variety of reasons.  Some head to the Outer Rim because they are outlaws, on the run from the law or the Empire and need a place to hide.  Others go there to prey on the weak, and attack settlements with little or no protection.  Some are there for…”business opportunities”; the sort provided by criminal organizations.  A few are there to explore, to find new worlds and new riches.

And some go to the Outer Rim because that’s where the most dangerous creatures can be found.  Creatures of rare quality and exquisite lethality.  These people hunt for sport, they hunt for money, and once in a while someone hunts them for “points”.


Zwy’gut Fess
: Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beta

Species: Trandoshan
Career: Hired Gun
Specializations: Marauder
Obligation: Family (+5)
Motivation: Religion: The Scorekeeper

Brawn 4
Agility 1
Intellect 2
Cunning 2
Presence 2
Willpower 3

Athletics 1, Coerce 1, Perception 1, Resilience 1, Vigilance 1, Melee 2

Regeneration, Feral Strength, Lethal Blows, Toughened

Soak/Defense: 5/0
Wound Threshold: 18
Strain Threshold: 12
Equipment: Claws (Brawl, Damage 6, Crit 3, Engaged), Force Pike (Melee, Damage 9, Crit 2, Engaged, Pierce 2, Stun Setting), Padded Armor (Soak 2), Comlink, Utility Belt, 21 credits


Hailing from a clan with a long tradition of devotion to The Scorekeeper, Zwy’gut Fess has journeyed to the Outer Rim to fulfill his destiny and honor his ancestors.  A descendent of Qyzen Fess, a legendary Trandoshan who helped the “Herald of the Scorekeeper” millennia ago, all members of the Fess Clan are expected to be hunters of great renown.

Zwy’gut idolizes his ancestor and honors Qyzen by hunting as he did, engaging his prey in melee combat.  He prefers the Force Pike, as it can pierce the toughest hides and provides the option to stun targets instead of killing them should the need arise.  His Clan is willing to help Zwy’gut with whatever he needs, from transport to supplies to lodging, but he’s expected to further the name and legacy of the Fess Clan in a timely manner.  Zwy’gut frequently receives messages from home, asking about his latest hunt and how many Jagganath points he’s earned since they last spoke.  The pressure is on to stay ahead of their constant inquiries, and earn points fast enough to keep the Clan happy.

Design Notes

I wanted to see how nasty a starting melee character could be in Edge of the Empire, and looked for races that could excel at it.  Wookies were easy and obvious, and I hate being predictable, so I moved to their often-adversaries, the Trandoshans.  When I made Zwy’gut for Edge of the Empire, I randomly rolled his Obligation and Motivation, and it all came together that he was a member of the Fess Clan, and followed in the footsteps of Qyzen Fess, the Companion Character for the Jedi Consular in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Zwy’gut’s main focus was “meaty beat-stick”, so he’d need a good Brawn.  I bought up his Brawn to 4, which added to survivability and hitting hard with his weapons.  With 2 ranks in Melee, he stands a good chance to dish out a fair amount of punishment with his Force Pike; he’s rolling two yellow Proficency dice and two Ability dice with each attack.

I looked at the list of Marauder talents that could help him in his role.  Toughened would increase his survivability.  Feral Strength would help his damage output.  Lethal Blows made a lot of sense for a hunter trying to take down his prey, with hamstrings, dazing, and even outright killing an opponent with a well-placed hit.  Coupled with a Force Pike (and its Crit Rating of 2), this could come into play quite often.

Aside from being a melee-monster, I looked at skills that would help him in his profession. Athletics and Vigilance were a must.  Resilience to help him recover from his battles.  Coerce is his one nod to Social situations, as Zwy’gut more often brow-beats his way to get what he wants.

I originally made him without any extra obligations, with his only possessions being a Force Pike and Heavy Clothing (Soak 1).  By taking an extra 5 points of Obligations, Zwy’gut can afford a better suit of armor, a comlink, and a utility belt.

Zwy’gut is a bit of a one-trick-lizard at start, but it’s a nasty trick.  It can help him get a few sessions worth of XP under his belt.  With some expenditure of XP into other skill areas, Zwy’gut will be a more well-rounded character the rest of your party will be happy to have around.  Just don’t be surprised if you get a call from home, and they ask why you haven’t killed a nice rancor, or krayt dragon lately.

Sometimes you just can’t please your family…


Zwy’gut Fess is also my first stab at taking a character from a previous campaign and adapting him for a starter-level hero for Edge of the Empire. The original Zwy’gut was a Nohgri, a pug-faced reptilian race known for its bodyguards and assassins.  He was a tabletop character who was re-created by the original player into Star Wars Galaxies, where he became a Trandoshan (as there were no Nohgri in SWG).

When my brother (the original player of Zwy’gut) got a chance to run him in my first Edge of the Empire game, he almost never missed with the Force Pike, and quite often was dealing well over 10 points of damage per strike.  He enjoyed the “wrecking ball nature” of Zwy’gut, at one point bouncing down a canyon wall with a successful Athletics check to attack a pack of Tusken Raiders.  His Toughened talent came into play as well, at one point he had one wound to go before he would have fallen unconcious.

I have a feeling that may not be the last my gaming table sees of Zwy’gut Fess.


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