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Northernmost of the Iron Kingdoms, a harsh and inhospitable land where the scant resources are frequently found buried in the frozen tundra.


The living link to the ancient Khardic nation which stood before the Orgoth invasion, and lay dormant in the dark age of that time.


Established by the Corvis treaties, and yet slighted by the same document as Khardic lands were given to Llael, Ord, and the hated Cygnar.

The intervening centuries have given the Khadoran people the time to turn their nation into an industrial power, the match of any of the Iron Kingdoms.  Their proud military tradition, and their understanding of their manifest destiny to rule all of western Immoren, drives the juggernaut forward.

Their recent conquest of Llael, and pressing their southern border into the Thornwood, to the banks of the Black River has only heightened their spirit and focused their purpose, as evidenced by Queen Ayn Vanar rechristening the Kingdom as the Khadoran Empire, with her as the first Empress.  For now the armies of Khador regroup and solidify their new holdings, but soon they will march again.

Or if you prefer an analogy, some Czarist Russia, some Soviet Russia, and a hint of the evil empire.

Campaigns can easily take place in Khador, with the flurry of activity caused by the recent wars, the secrets of Orgoth ruins throughout the nation, the actions of both Cryxian and Legion of Everblight forces in the area, Iosan attacks, and rebellions as a short list of opportunities.

Or of course, Khadoran forces outside Khador proper.  The further subjugation of Llael, advanced skirmish actions against Cygnar, political intrigue in Ord.

Or simply the use of Khadoran characters in any campaign.  Strong and stubborn are universal traits among the Khadoran people.  So is military service, required of all males, and not discouraged for females, only the criminal underground avoids military service, and their life is just as violent.  Once they have served however, noble born and peasant alike, or the merchant class, Kayazy have many options before them.

For example:


Irena Sosnowski

Human – Skilled – Spy/Cutthroat

Phy 5, Spd 7, Str 4

Agl 4, Prw 4, Poi 4

Int 4, Per 4

Willpower 9, Def 14, Arm 10, Init 15, Command Range 5

Skills: Hand Weapon +5, Pistol +5, Unarmed Combat +5, Detection +5, Sneak +6, Command +5*, Deception +5, Disguise +5, Intimidation +5*, Streetwise +5, Medicine +6**

*Social Skills may vary with circumstance, Includes Skill from Cover Identity and Mercenary Charter

Abilities: Feat: Untouchable, Battle Plan: Shadow, Cover Identity: Soldier, Anatomical precision, Backstab, Prowl

Equipment: Forged Papers, Spring Blade x2, Assassin’s Blade, Sword, Holdout Pistol  x2 (10 rounds), Repeating Pistol(extra ammo wheel, 20 rounds), Smoke Grenade, Military Rations x7, Armored Great Coat

Backstory:  Irena was born in southern Khador.  She was raised by her mother alone, since her father was killed in a border skirmish, until at the age of 14, an inexplicable Cryxian raid destroyed the small village where she lived.  She and her older brother were 2 of only a handful of survivors.

He was accepted early into the military, and she was placed in a state orphanage.  She followed him into the military as soon as they would have her, but only a few weeks into initial training she was singled out for another purpose.  She would not serve her country on the front lines, but instead she would serve in secret, as a spy.

Now she poses as a hired killer, dishonorably discharged from the Khadoran army, as a way to get closer to her motherland’s foes.

Game Plan: Irena is a short range monster.  Between her Assassin’s Blade and Repeating Pistol, she can do impressive damage at close range, especially with her archetype ability to gain an extra attack.  Additionally her Feat ability to jump her defense up to 17 makes her very hard to hit for a starting character, and by taking advantage of concealment to give her stealth, she only has to fear those foolish enough to come close to her.  If you can score a back strike or two with the Assassins Blade, it should be all over.

Out of combat she offers stealth, deception, intimidation, and disguise to serve as the party’s infiltrator, but possibly more importantly her out of combat focus on medicine will be of incalculable value.

Advancement:  Although the long-term goals of this character will depend on the adventures she faces, in the short term, she should aim to increase her melee and ranged skills until she is comfortable with her ability to kill on demand.  The benefits of picking up two-weapon fighting early are obvious.

The questions 3 (+1):

Who/What do you love?

Her brother, and to a far lesser extent the other survivors of her village.  Unfortunately her brother sees her dishonorable discharge as a disgrace, and refuses to have anything to do with her.

Who/What do you hate?

The enemies of Khador.  Between the Cryxian raid on her village, and her father’s death at the hands of Cygnar, and more nebulously the continuing wars that keep her from her brother, she despises all the enemies of Khador.  This is an irrational, and swaying hatred, primarily against the national identities.  She does not despise the Cygnaran infantryman for doing his duty, she despises Cygnar for having the audacity to exist.

Why are you here?

This assignment is a stepping stone, a path to find out what the enemies of Khador are planning.  To kill them if possible, but to report on them when necessary.

What is your shtick?

This character is a spy first, and an aspiring melee mistress second.  She does not want to charge screaming, she wants to pop out of a shadow silently kill her target, purloin the secret plans, and disappear again.



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