Heroes on Demand: Jessie Armstrong, Scion of Olympus

Welcome yet again to Heroes on Demand, your steady source for ready-to-play PCs for a variety of games.  This week, we’re heading back into the Dresdenverse as covered by Evil Hat’s Dresden Files RPG.  In previous installments, we’ve met a young apprentice wizard and a teenage social diva, but this time around we’ll be meeting someone who doesn’t quite fit into the usual mortal spectrum.

While wizards, vampires, and pure mortals see a lot of coverage, the world of the supernatural is far broader than most people would realize.  While the White God of Christianity holds a lot of sway in the Dresdenverse, there are many other gods that still exist, tied to some of mankind’s older civilizations.  And though the amount of influence these gods can exert is limited, they still have their place in the grand scheme of things, and many of them still have their champions, beings with ties to divinity that can still act in the mortal realm.  And given the number of heroic figures that comprise Greek mythology, it’s only fitting that this week’s Heroes on Demand has her own place with the pantheon of such legendary champions.

This is one blonde beauty you don't want to piss off.

She may not look it, but this is one blonde beauty you don’t want to have angry at you.

Jessica “Jessie” Armstrong
: The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game

High Concept: Scion of Olympus
Trouble: Loyal to a Fault
Other Aspects: Heroic Legacy; Beauty, Brains, and Brawn; Protector of the Children; Pankration; Brash Courage
Stress: Physical 4, Mental 4, Social 4
Power Level: Submerged
Base Refresh: 10
Adjusted Refresh: 2

Superb (+5): Fists
Great (+4): Alertness, Athletics
Good (+3): Conviction, Endurance, Presence
Fair (+2): Discipline, Intimidation, Might, Scholarship
Average (+1): Driving, Empathy, Investigation, Lore, Rapport

Stunts & Powers
Armed Arts (Stunt): Your fighting style incorporates the use of short swords and staves.
No Pain, No Gain (Stunt): You can take a bunch of punishment before it starts to add up.
Inhuman Speed (Power): You are inhumanly fast.
Inhuman Strength (Power): You are inhumanly strong.
Inhuman Recovery (Power): You heal from injury at an accelerated rate, unless those injuries are caused by the venom of a scorpion.
Marked by Power (Power): You bear the aura of one who has been chosen as a champion of Olympus.

Notable Possessions: Greek arming sword (Weapon 2), hardened leather greaves for legs and arms, cell phone, casual clothes, messenger bag with books on Greek mythology and basic first-aid supplies

Background: Jessie never really knew much about her mother, instead being raised by her father, a detective in local law enforcement that went above and beyond the call of duty to serve and protect the citizens of her home city.  He instilled in Jessie the firm belief that she could accomplish anything if she put her mind to it.  It wasn’t until entering high school that Jessie learned of her special heritage; her mother had been a child of Olympus, and that Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare, had taken the young woman under her aegis to serve as a Champion in the modern world.   Striving to embody the virtues of her deific godmother, Jessie constantly works to refine both her intellect and her physical prowess, particularly by learning the fighting arts of ancient Greece.

Design Notes: Jessie is actually a character from the semi-regular Dresden Files game that I play in, though she’s since been retired due to a shift in locale and theme of the campaign.  Given her enhanced strength, speed and stamina, she’s one tough cookie when it’s time to throw down; it was often joked at our table that she’s the Amazon equivalent to Karrin Murphy, the Dresden Files’ resident mortal badass (seriously, Murph gets at least one scene to “put on the boots” in each book she plays a significant role in).  Her skill tree doesn’t leave a great deal of room for advancement, at least not right away, although some of her lower-tier skills could be increased depending on what sort of campaign she’s participating in.  The fact she’s got a pretty good rank in Scholarship and Lore helps set her apart from the typical “musclebound meathead” that  someone of her particular physical gifts might fall into.

Being a marked champion of the Olympic gods can create all sorts of interesting story hooks, as Jessie’s ties to them and to Athena in particular gives a broad assortment of potential allies and enemies, particularly if the GM runs them even remotely close to how the Greek gods were portrayed in classic mythology, though Jessie’s aspects also tie very much into her role as a modern-day heroic figure.  She won’t have a lot of Fate Points when the session starts due to her low Refresh, so don’t hesitate to self-compel her aspects to help make the story more interesting as well as garner an extra Fate Point or two along the way.

Image created using Hellsing Vampire Maker by AzaleasDolls.com

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