How the Grrth Stole Life Day: An Edge of the Empire Module

It was nearing Life Day on Tatooine

Anchorhead would host the grandest celebration ever seen

With blue milk, blue-skinned Twilek dancers

And rontos dressed like Cupid and Prancer

But all the cheer spreading across the Dune Sea

Riled up the moisture farmers’ enemy

The nomads who dwelled amongst rocks and sand

And attacked with Gaffi sticks in hand

It would take a krayt dragon’s bite

To make the Tuskens cancel their fight

Against those obnoxious folks of Anchorhead

Let them sing now- their Life Day spirit will soon be dead!


Just in time for your New Year’s Day party, download How the Grrth Stole Christmas. This light-hearted romp through holiday special memory lane will bring great laughs and lots of fun for your friends and family as you encounter some of the biggest names on Tatooine.

How the Grrth Stole Life Day is a module for the Edge of the Empire Beta RPG by Fantasy Flight Games.

Pregenerated Player Characters are provided in the Handout pdf, which also contains PC backstories and a script the player should read aloud where indicated in the module. It also contains the lyrics to the song, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Life Day,” which should be sung to the tune of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” Players are encouraged to sing along at appropriate sections of the story. A recording of the song can be found in the accompanying multimedia folder. Throughout the module, references are made to youtube video clips that can be played in lieu of verbally reading italicized text. Audio clips can also be found in the multimedia folder.

How the Grrth Stole Life Day was written for six pregenerated characters. Original PCs can be used. Make sure one is named Watto and there’s a pilot with a freighter. It’s highly recommended to prevent all the players from having heavy weaponry. The starting gear rules in the Beta should be enough to keep everyone from being walking arsenals and solving all problems with flying lasers. PCs should pick up weapons off defeated foes or as rewards for accomplishing tasks.

Written by Garrett Crowe

Podracer, Boba Fett, Canyon Krayt Dragon designed by Ben Erickson

Species not found in the Beta complements of Ben Erickson and Donovan Morningfire

Lyrics to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Life Day” by Mari Kozlowski

Playtested by Tony K, Robert Karson, Josh Goranson, Zach Berue, Josh Lons, Lauren Brych, Stephen Ball, Enya Patterson, Michael Slawienski, Donovan Morningfire, Zrissa and Darth Revan the Second

Download the module, handout pdf and multimedia here.


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