Heroes on Demand: Shorroq, Trandoshan Bodyguard

Welcome once more to Heroes on Demand, your source for ready-made and ready-to-play PCs for a variety of RPGs.  It’s no surprise that the Outer Rim Territories are a dangerous place, a haven for those fleeing the ever-tightening grip of the Galactic Empire.  While there are certainly well-meaning and honest denizens of the Outer Rim, there’s also a lot of beings looking to get ahead at somebody else’s expense.  It’s at times like those that the presence of a bodyguard can make all the difference.  So take a quick check to make sure the coast is clear and that your blaster is fully charged as we introduce…


“You in trouble? I can help. How much depends on amount of trouble and why you’re in it.”

: Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beta

Species: Trandoshan
Career: Hired Gun
Specializations: Bodyguard
Obligation: Debt (+5)
Motivation: Charity

Brawn 3
Agility 1
Intellect 2
Cunning 2
Presence 2
Willpower 2

Athletics 1, Discipline 1, Perception 2, Pilot (Planet) 1, Resilience 1, Vigilance 2, Brawl 1, Melee 1, Ranged (Light) 2, Ranged (Heavy) 1

Regeneration, Barrage, Body Guard, Durable, Grit, Hard Headed, Toughened

Soak/Defense: 5/0
Wound Threshold: 17
Strain Threshold: 12
Equipment: Claws (Melee, Damage 4, Crit 3, Engaged), Heavy blaster pistol (Ranged [Light], Damage 7, Crit 3, Medium, stun setting), 2 stun grenades (Damage 8, Short, Blast 8, Limited Ammo 1, Disorient 3, stun damage), padded armor (Soak 2), comlink, extra reload, 3 stim packs, 66 credits

While many of his brethren prefer to make their living by preying upon others, either directly as slavers or in less direct means, Shorroq would rather put his particularly talents to use in keeping others out of harm’s way. Over the years, he’s learned the hard way that asking too many questions about what a prospective employer did in order to need protection in the first place tends cause unnecessary complications when it comes to the more profitable clientele.  So, in most instances the only thing Shorroq needs to know from those under his care is who they’re trying to avoid and for how long they’ll need his protection.

Design Notes:
Shorroq’s a fairly simple build, in that he’s meant to absorb damage while still dishing some of it back out.  He’s also quite perceptive and quick to react to trouble, two very good traits to have in a bodyguard.  Most of his starting experience points ended up going into skills followed by talents, which didn’t leave him anything to boost up his starting Characteristics any.  However, with the way skills work in this game, Shorroq’s still very capable in his areas of expertise; he won’t be outshooting any Rodians in the near future, but he’s still handy with a blaster and no slouch when it comes to mixing it up in melee.  He’s also got a solid mix of combat skills, giving him a viable option no matter kind of bad situation he ends up in, and is a decent pilot or co-pilot as well.

Image is taken from Wookieepedia.

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