The Order 66 Podcast is Dead. Long live the Order 66 Podcast!

The Order 66 Podcast from the d20 Radio Network ended their run recently. Unlike many podcasts, this wasn’t a podfade or the hosts getting tired of what they were doing. For the last several years, and 167 episodes, the Order 66 has focused primarily on Saga Edition Star Wars roleplaying. They continued well after Wizards of the Coast ended the production line for Saga Edition. showing how much passion they had for the system. Now, all good things must come to an end, the show has decided to reboot with a focus on the new Star Wars RPG, Edge of Empire by Fantasy Flight.

The two hosts, GM Dave and GM Chris started out merely as avid gamers talking about a game they both love. Much to their surprise, this simple podcast has grown into a thriving gaming community, an entire network of quality podcasts and even a gaming development company.  Talk about living every gamers dream.

I discovered the podcast several months after they had been on the air, probably 20 or 30 episodes in. At the time, I had just gotten into Saga edition and was looking for some info to help me run my first game.  Aside from a little bit in junior high, I had never really played any table top RPG’s before Saga and had never GMed. But my guild had decided to stop playing Star Wars Galaxies but many of us still had an itch for Star Wars roleplay.

Despite what the hosts will tell you, episode 1 was not terrible. It was good enough to hook me. TK-421, the redneck storm trooper, was quite amusing. The first few shows were perfect for an inexperience RPGer like me as they delved into the base classes of Saga and took a look at how the system functioned. The Docking Bay segment where they would answer listener questions about system helped me out on many occasions, clearing up confusing issues; such as whether or not you can take a Prestige class at level 7 or 8.

Aside from providing useful tips and information for GM’s and players alike, the show was also host to a lot of fun personalities. Some of these were very funny segments made by the community, Luke Lowbrow and Tosche Station commercials, to other highly informative segments such as Fragments from the Rim and Species Menagerie. Many of the Saga developers came on as frequent guests, providing system answers straight from the horses mouth so to speak. The show even managed to snag the attention of actor Sam Witwer, whose revelation as an avid SW fan and gamer led me to check out his show Being Human, which I quite enjoy.

One of the greatest things behind the Order 66 Podcast has been the community they have created, centered on the d20 Forums. This collection of gamers has led to many friendships forming, new podcasts being created and lots of great gaming. Myself, I’ve had the good fortune to be able get into a good gaming group with the likes of Agent 94 and Agent 66, among others. As well the chance to write about gaming here on the GSA.

So, here at the end of the Order 66 Podcast- Saga Edition, I wanted to take the opportunity to say a thank you to GM Dave and GM Chris for what they have created. I look forward to the journey through the Edge of the Empire that they will take us on now.

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