Maker’s Mark: Mechanika – Part 1

There are some games where your character loots a +1 sword of +1-yness.  There are other games with a catalog of magical items that are all rare, ancient, and storied.  There are even a few games where you get to create exactly the item your character wants.

The continent of Immoren, the setting of the Iron Kingdoms RPG is going through its own unique industrial revolution.  Steam  powered devices are revolutionizing the world on a daily basis.  But Immoren is different because magic is real.  True magical items are rare and powerful artifacts, but ever industrious and inventive, humanity has created Mechanika, mechanical technology and magic integrated into a device.  And best of all those devices can be custom, or mass produced.

In game terms, each piece of Mechanika is made up of three parts.  The first is the Housing, which defines what the item is.  For example a Mechanikal sword requires a sword housing, which costs 10 times the normal cost of the item.  The second part is the Capacitor, which defines both how long the item will last, and how much power it can have.  The final part is the Rune Plate that gives the mechanikal device its abilities.

But to see how it all fits together, we will just have to try it out.

Our first item will be a Mechanikal Rapier for a well to do Noble/Duelist character:

Etched Rapier


Housing – Normal cost 15 gc, so the housing costs 150 gc.

Capacitor – Arcanodynamic Accumulator – Cost 50 gc, Power output 4, Lifespan 1 month

Note:  The power output of the Capacitor is also the maximum number of rune points that the weapon can hold.  No single item can ever have more than 5 points of runes however.

Runes: Base Rune Plate 10 gc

  1. Blessed – 2 Rune Points – 300 gc – Attacks with this weapon ignore spell effects that increase the target’s Defense or Armor
  2. Greivous Wounds – 2 Rune Points – 300 gc – Targets hit by this weapon lose Tough, and cannot heal or be healed

Total Cost: 810 gc

Description – This exquisite weapon levels the playing field in a duel, preventing the opponent from benefiting from any magical effects.

Name – Balancer

 Next we will create a ranged weapon for a Gun Mage/Spy

Magelok Pistol


Housing – Magelock Pistol – normally 150 gc, so the housing cost is 1500 gc

Capacitor – Clockwork Capacitor – Cost 80gc, Power Output 3, Life span 1 day, but can be recharged with 15 minutes of winding.

Runes -

Base – Rune Plate 10 gc

  1. Accuracy – 1 Rune Point – 150 gc – Gain +1 to hit
  2. Light – 1 Rune Point – 150 gc – Weapon can produce light on command
  3. Silencer – 1 Rune Point – 150 gc Attacks with this weapon make no sound.

Total cost 2040 gc

Description: This weapon is heavily adorned, but not more so that typical finely crafted Magelock weapons.  The integrated winding mechanism allows the wielder to spend unlimited time in the field without revealing its special nature.

Name – Walther

These examples cover the melee and ranged weapon end of Mechanika, in part 2 we will look at armor, and some of the other uses of Mechanika in the Iron Kingdoms.

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