Edge of the Empire: The Unofficial Species Menagerie!

For those of you that have scored a copy of Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beta, one thing you might have noticed was that the selection of playable species in the book were a bit on the slim side.  While iconic species such as Twi’leks and Wookiees were present, a number of other well-known species from prior editions, such as the Duros, the Mon Cal, the Sullustans, and the Zabraks, were nowhere to be found.

Well, let it not be said that the Agents of the GSA are inattentive to the requests of the people for crunch.  Agents 94 and 66 have combined their respective skills as “unabashed RPG tinker monkeys” to produce a pretty extensive listing of species, ranging from the missing mainstays listed above as well as a number of less well-known species that where either requested by forum members or simply just tickled the authors’ fancies, even if their more prominent representatives in the vast saga that is Star Wars were from eras outside of the classic Rebellion Era.

So without further preamble or ado, on behalf of Agent 66 and with a tip of the hat to The Fat Raconteur, I proudly present *drumroll*

The Unofficial Species Menagerie for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beta

Again, please do bear in mind that these species write-ups are purely unofficial, and quite likely to become obsolete as time progresses and more species are presented in future FFG Star Wars RPG products.  But until then, we hope our efforts provide you the players and gamemasters with a far broader scope for all your character ideas.

There’s also a lot of species out there from many eras that we didn’t cover, so we might collaborate once more if there’s enough positive response to this initial installment.  So if you like what you see, by all means let us know, either by posting your comments here or in your favorite RPG forums.

Author’s Edit: A few minor errors were pointed out after this went live.  Those have been corrected and an updated version made available.

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